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Fuji D6 test ride

I'm test riding a Fuji D6 Comp at the weekend. Has anyone test rode or own a D6??
"real world" experience is worth alot more than the company say-so!



  • I'm gonna get one.

    Basicly it's a great bike for the price.... the wheels are crap so you'll want to dump them and get some decent ones.

    The cockpit is functional rather than sexy but for the dosh, the frame is mint, SRAM rival is not bad at all.

    I've test ridden one and it certainly picks up speed fast, very comfy and looks the nuts.

    Make sure you get the right size too. Shame you can only buy from Evans but all in all it's a great bike.
  • kurtkurt Posts: 18
    agreed! the test ride went well. The evans shop in nottingham is surrounded by hills so I got a good feel for the climbing ability of the frame, which was v.good even with alloy rims. no flats bits so I'll have to take your word on its speed - it looks fast!
    test rode a 54" thinking that since I'm 5ft9" that fits the chart recomendation. not sure whether it felt alittle small??
    barring a "no" from the wife - i think evans have made a sale!
  • threerockthreerock Posts: 10
    Any of you guys who have tested this bike had a look at the seatpost arrangement. from the pictures, looks like the seatpost slides over an extended mast?? Just wonder whether this would be awkward for packing the bike for travel on a plane?
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Ive heard it should fit in a box. My concerns with this bike are the fiddliness of the brake setup and support for Fuji bikes in the UK for parts etc being through Evans only I think.

    Reviews have all been great but the reviewers have'nt had to service them themselves and Matt Reed and pro teams have a bunch of techs to work on theirs. I would love to hear from soneone who's had one for a while.
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    kurt wrote:
    I'll have to take your word on its speed - it looks fast!
    Then it is fast
  • steve785steve785 Posts: 52
    yes i want one they do cycle scheme but not the one i can get can you change the vouchers ? the frame looks awsome good bike for someone on a budget looks up there with the rest of em,did horwich tri yesterday my legs are shot today!!
  • slightly concerned everyone thinks Fuji spares would be a problem as only avail through Evans? as the Technical Manager for Fuji in the uk i can confirm that the D6 is available from independant dealers as well as Evans (although Evans are our biggest outlet at the moment) and that all spares are available direct from us if preferred. in reference to setup - admittedly it can be a little fiddly but if time is taken and the instructions read before starting then in reality the brake routing and full build can be done in under an hour - the front fork has a prefitted cable guide all the way through the fork and the rear brake just takes a few attempts to line up. the rear stays have slots drilled for pad alignment. hope this one reply answers most concerns above but feel free to respond if you have a specific concern keeping you from the bike.

    oh - and the wheels may not be branded as such but they are fantastic quality for an alloy wheel and they help keep the price competitive - watch out for the previews of the 2011 models on Fuji's facebook page to see some big changes in the parts department across the whole range
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Do you have a Twitter feed?
  • I love my D6 - i got the Pro model the Alu wheels are Ok - but plan to upgrade in the long term to possibly Zipps

    fuji_fod - do you know if you can DIY retrofit Dura Ace Di2 to the bike (like the Matt Reed model) ?? and if i can use the Di2 Internal cable option? ???

    My end plan is combine the Di2 with some xentis tri bars that allow you to use standard STI shifters and bar ends on the same bike for IM Lanzarote - best of both worlds for climbing and long flat
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    review I read of Di2 said one of the main advantages of this for a tri setup was having gear shift buttons on the extensions and the base bar so you could change gear in either position - so no need for sti.
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