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First tri bike - help!!!

I've just finished my first tri season. I live in Dubai and getting gear is both a little difficult and expensive. The LBSs are few and very expensive - they try to flog what they have rather than give proper advice.

Until now, I've been riding an old, third-hand road bike with clip-ons which I'm fairly sure is a little too small for me, making getting forward really uncomfortable. Cycling is my weakest discipline and I know that I need to work hard and a new bike won't make much difference, but it's getting to the point where I'm having to spend money on my old bike and I think a new one might better instead.

My budget (including shipping etc) is modest - around GBP 1200-1400 (US$2,500). I've seen these bikes (one online and one to be shipped in by a local dealer):http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Focus_Culebro_Tria_2010/5360045310/ and http://www.probike.ae/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=210

The Focus gets awesome reviews while the Planet X is a carbon frame. Which should I opt for or is there something else you'd recommend above these?

As someone still fairly new to cycling, I obviously want something primarily comfortable, that'll also not be found wanting when it comes to power and speed, as I improve my cycling. Next season (due to the heat here in Dubai the summer is the off-season), I'm planning to start with an Oly and work up to a 70.3 (and the Abu Dhabi International short course) at the end of the season, so it also needs to be up to these challenges.

Any advice would be majorly appreciated.


  • fatstufatstu Posts: 46
    Hi Mattalfie

    I'm a fellow Dubai resident and triathlete.

    The PX is a great bike and as there are a few people in Dubai riding them you can find them and get their feedback at the next golden tulip event on 30th April, but if I was spending my own money, that would be the one I'd go for. I have SRAM Rival on my tri bike and it's very solid (if a little noisier than the Shimano 105 I have on my road bike).

    Adrian from Probike will also most likely be there taking photos and I think he has some frames on the way in so you may well be able to get sized up before you buy. Have a chat with him after the event, I'm sure he'll take good care of you. You'll also have the benefit of having bought from a local dealer if you do have any problems (although everyone I have heard of who has a PX has always had good things to say.

    Many thanks
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