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austria ironman 2010

hi there, i'm doing my first and last ironman this year in austria. i chose it cos it seems pretty flat. can anyone advise what the "usual" wind conditions are on the bike? does it normally get mega windy? and are there any other course-specific things i should be considering in my training?



  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,I am hopefully doing the race again this year,did it in 2006.
    It was not a windy course,well not like Lanza or Kona.
    Well organised,civilised and very well supported.

    The swim,use tinted goggles,as sighting can be a problem with the early sunlight.IM Austria is unusual in that you have a big aqua ruck at the start,and then the field starts to open out,but for the last 400m or so it is channeled into the Lendcanal.And so begins the aqua ruck again,go for the centre of the canal,the sides are shallow,so knuckle/hand grazing is possible.It also gets churned up badly,but as you swim in a straight line,sighting is not a problem,you just get a lovely earthy taste in the mouth.

    T1 standard transition area for Mdot

    Bike,fast,with a couple of hills,pretty sheltered so wind not a problem.Excellent support all the way round.

    T2 standard

    run can be abit boring,flat.You could carry a couple of euros with you just in case you have an off day.Use them to buy an iced coffee in the Town Square near the turnaround point,grab a chair and watch the others as you chat with the locals,just keep an eye on the time.

    Finish line,try not to overtake anyone after you have passed the last timing mat about 100m from the finish line as this produces you name next to the finishing time at the gantry(a picture of you with someone else's name,or just use microsoft Photoshop to put in your name)

    if you have a car only park in the designated areas,the traffic wardens are very keen and carry guns,they had a tow truck parked and were happily towing cars away,on the spot fines etc.
  • gomikegomike Posts: 2
    hey jon, great info, thanks mate!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    gomike wrote:
    hi there, i'm doing my first and last ironman this year in austria. s

    Never say never
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