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Jon.E - Do NOT make any more posts - it's unlucky


Sorry for the tabloid headline, but I've just noticed that you've made exactly 888 postings on this forum. According to the Chinese, that's an incredibly lucky number, so it must pretty much guarantee you a stomping PB at your next race. It's even better than having a red bike, or a carbon bike, or even a red, carbon P4.

Given that, I thought I'd better warn you before you unintentionally made posting #889 and ruined your Karma. If that happens then you'll have to work really fast to get up to 8888 postings before the next race, and that'd leave almost no time at all for training.



  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    That brought a wry smile to my face.
    Nice to see that someone is watching out for my good luck.

    I thought about not posting,until after my next race on Sunday.However,I thought that Karma might shine better on me if I forsake my good luck by posting helpful advice(laughing hysterically) to others that seek knowledge from my 20+ years in triathlon,not that I have learnt much.

    One can only wait and see!
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