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This is what they want..

BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655

Yes it is on the genral page, but, well you never know who is reading this stuff.


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    03/26/2010 15:36
    APRIL 17 13.30 – 16.30

    Triathlon is a fantastic, up-and-coming sport that combines the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running to create an event that can be enjoyed on many levels. From those who take part in sport for fun, to the elite international athlete; from those who have come back to sport after a big gap, to the superhuman; - the one thing they all have in common is that they had to start somewhere!
    This is it!
    Here’s a starting point for anyone who wants to try something new. With this introduction session on 17 April we aim to show you the basics of triathlon and how to access the sport. This day will have a slight twist; bring your kit and you can have a go! We feel you will get the most out of the taster by trying it for yourself. Bring your bike, helmet, run trainers and swim kit, if you have them. If you don’t have them, or don’t fancy it, don’t worry. There will still be lots to do.

    The event will be a great introduction to the sport
    - getting to know the BRAT club
    - advice and tips for swimming, cycling and running
    - nutritional information and advice
    - information about kit and equipment

    If this sounds good to you, then come join us. Visit the entrycentral website by following the link- www.entrycentral.com/index.php?raceID=100748 . Hope to meet lots of you soon!! But there’s only space for 60 people, so join up now.
    If you have trouble with the entrycentral website, keep trying - they are having some technical difficulties but these will soon be sorted.
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