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How do you carry enough food on the bike

I am working towards some 8 hour rides with no clue on how to eat, when to eat, or how to carry enough.I have been doing some research in to suppliments but i can only find long winded adverts telling me to buy their product.Any hints or tips would be good.


  • FirestarterFirestarter Posts: 120
    If you have been working towards an 8hr ride you should have a reasonable idea of what nutrition you can stomach and how often you need to take gels etc.... Its horses for courses on which type of food/sup/drinks you take.

    For me, If I was doing a 200+km ride I would do two loops of 100km and have a secure (your house for instance) pick up point for drinks, gels and food for the second loop. You could take all the stuff with you but you'd need a bag to carry the stuff in a bag (daysack).

    The two loop is always a test of mental strength too as if its a crappy day you'll probably want to sack it on after the first loop so telling yourself to man-the-f**k-up and get on with it pays divedends when the chips are down during a race.
  • Thanks for the advice i will work towards the 2 laps.
  • telling yourself to man-the-f**k-up and get on with it
  • Bento box
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