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Newfound respect

Hey guys,

I'm currently training for my first ever Sprint Tri and coming at it all from primarily a running background. Yesterday I did the 5k Swimathon and I just have to say that I now have an even bigger respect for people who can do anything after a 3.8k swim, let alone get on the bike and then run a marathon after that!


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    I did the 5km as an individual on Sunday, after already doing it as part of a team on Saturday. I paced it well, and felt remarkably fresh after finishing it, which hopefully means that my IM training is going OK, at least for the swim. Now I know I can do the distance, I just need to focus on economy, and possibly even speed.

    I don't think I was to tired aftger getting out of the water, but whether I could of rushed onto a 112 mile bike ride, I'm not too sure, but soon I won;t have a choice.
  • Nice one, that must be very reassuring. How many months is it until your race?

    I've mainly been doing sessions of 1.5-2k before work three times a week as that's when I can fit it in, with the occasional longer swim as and when I get chance. The furthest I'd ever done before in one go was 3k so my arms found it a bit of a shock when I hit the 4k mark and kept going!
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    My first (and only) IM is IM UK on 01st August, so just over 14 weeks to go. But I've got IM UK 70.3 and a couple of other middle distance races before then, to warm up on.

    The 5km on the weekend was the first time I'd swum over 1900m continuously for some years, so it was nice to know that I could do it, without any real issues. Main training is Masters sessions, doing three a week, and cover roughly 2.4 / 3.6 / 2 km during the sessions. 10 years or so ago, I used to swim on a regular basis, covering 30+ miles per week, with some swim in excess of 5 miles, so I knew I had the mental ability to keep going, it was just whether I had the physical endurance. Thoroughly enjoyed the session though, and it was nice having a real mix of abilities, as it meant you could draft of some swimmers, but also had to put short bursts in to pass some of the slowers one. I was 2nd in the lane overall, so really chuffed. Just need to master 112 miles on the bike, running a marathon, and then doing them all back to back.
  • That's an impressive swimming background! I've mainly been training for distance so far but my the pool at my gym has a Masters session on a monday and two tri-specific swim sessions starting soon on a Wednesday & Thursday so hopefully they'll stand me in good stead for my sprint tris and next year's Swimathon - after all, I've got a PB to try and beat now...
  • y first (and only) IM is IM UK on 01st August, so just over 14 weeks to go.
    Hadn't ever thought of it in weeks!!!!!! It seems a lot nearer now

    See you on the start line............and finish line
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    Website says 101 days, 15 minutes.
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