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Tri shoes - which size ??

Help !!

Im wanting to buy some tri shoes but have read some reviews stating to go for the next size up from normal. The shoe im wanting to get is the Shimano T31 ( price and when wiggle have got some ) Any other recommendations ??

Is this a general rule to go for next size up or just an odd occurence if you get my meaning ?? I am mostly doing sprints and the London Olympic distance in August .



  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    best thing to do is try some on. like running trainers some brands are slightly different size/width etc.

    I have only ever bought size 8 which is what my normal shoe size is and never had any problems.
    ALthough when I had my pro bike fit done at bike dynamics, the guy said next time I buy some bike shoes, either Tri shoes or road shoes, to buy one size up so I have more adjustment on the cleats than I currently have.
  • I have had a couple of pairs of Specialized Road Shoes which have fitted me really well in a size 44. I wanted to get some tri shoes, and bought some Specialized ones in a size 44 and they didn't fit at all - my toes were squashed against the end. I sent them back and got the 45 instead, which fit me better, but given their purpose and the fact they're supposed to be worn without socks they do have a different fit to normal road shoes. I wish I had just bought them from a shop now and not had to mess about with returns etc.

    Fitting my cleats was problematic because it was easy to compare the postions between the different size shoes. I don't think I have got it right yet but I have got a some time to have a play before my next event.
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