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Stolen Cervelo - Ideas?

I feel like the biggest loser.

Selling a 07 Cervelo 61cm P3. Guy came round. We chatted for a while - his girlfriend was moving to France for a year for work and they were doing long term so he could train more.

He asked for a ride. Left his bag. Got on and slowly rode down the street. Got to a corner and went round it. I gave chase. But he was gone. Must have had a waiting car.

Anyone have any ideas about websites where this might be sold?

61cm frames must be quite rare right? (He was 6'5 so fitted the bill)

If anyone has seen it advertised could they let me know - police have said they will go and collect it

And if you plan to sell don't let this happen to you



  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    That sucks so bad.
  • slydellslydell Posts: 6
    I stood there watching the **** ride down the street.

    Can't be too much of a market for 61cm P3 though's
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Thats so shit.

    Best idea is to keep an eye on the local rags etc.

    Also watch out on Gumtree and Fleabay.

    Do you have the frame number? this will always help or even better is the frame marked in anyway that will identify it as yours?

    Don't beat yourself up about, there is no way you can legislate for being duped like that.
  • Eyes peeled folks. Lets help get this bike back

    What was in his bag ?
  • Oh sorry - lets be serious.

    Right - he's a big lad. I bet if the police looked at known scroats over 6ft 3 they could come up with a photo to show you.

    This won't be his 1st crime. It takes fucking balls to rock up to someones house and be that brazen. He WILL have form. That said he's probably stolen it to order - did he look like a cyclsit/triathlete ?

    Did he have any distinguishing marks ? Tattoos ? Scars ?

    Did you give them a good description.

    Did the Police offer SOCO to come round ?

    What was in his bag ?

    Did you see him get dropped off ?

    Is there CCTV near your house ?

    It pisses me of cos if that was a street robbery or a cash theft from a shop ( to the value of your bike) the police would be al over it.

    Push for more to be done with the emphasis on the cost of your bike. Sadly the police may just see this as "another biked nicked". You have to make them see it's more than a shitty bike from halfrauds.

    Where do you live ? Area not road or address ?

    Do you know anyone is the police ?
  • slydellslydell Posts: 6
    To the police's credit they have been brilliant. On the scene in 10 minutes. Took a full description. Dusted front door. Took bag away for forensic testing. Are reviewing CCTV. Chasing up mobile number he used. Have follwed up since with a phone call and email's.

    There was nothing but rags in bag.

    He rocked up wearing a running windbreaker and running tights. Looked like he could be a triathlete. I didn't see him arrive as was insiode.

    It was the black and white P3 (as I advertsied on this forum last week)

    Last time I am friendly to anyone I don't know until they have proven themselves.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    dude, I know this is scant consolation but I really feel for you.

    It pisses me off when crap like this happens. We work hard at our jobs so that we can enjoy the training etc... we save hard and buy something nice and then a tosser comes along, who probably signs on and does fuck all all day while we pay for it and steels something that you've worked hard to pay for.

    I hope you get your bike back. Was it insured?
  • slydellslydell Posts: 6
    I looked into insurance and premium was gonna be 800 a year

    too much

    expensive lesson for me
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Have you got home/house/contents insurance? Sometimes the policy includes bikes, depending on excess adn total value.

    Again, gumtree and ebay are the most likely sites for sale and with a 61 frame there are not many around ...
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    £800 premium for the one bike??!! I'm not surprised you didn't swallow that one!

    My home contents will cover unspecified items for up to £2000 each - obviously your bike is worth more than that to replace, but it was stolen from your home albeit without a break in, so you can always ask and you might get some of the value back. Asking isn't going to make things worse than they already seem to be. My commiserations. I hope they get the clap and their tackle drops off.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Christ, is makes me so mad to hear about people doing things like that. The only good thing is that the police seem to have taken it seriously and may well be on it. £800 a year insurance? that's more than for a lot of people's car insurance...do you live in a very high crime area or something as that seems to be very expensive (my Look was £550p/y) and I wouldn't have thought there was a huge price difference between that and a P3
  • stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    Will keep an eye out in the local rags by me.
    Did he have an accent, might give an idea of where he is from..
  • slydellslydell Posts: 6
    London accent

    Anyone one want to buy a rudy project helmet? He didn't steal that!!!!!
  • FirestarterFirestarter Posts: 120
    slydell wrote:
    Anyone one want to buy a rudy project helmet? He didn't steal that!!!!!
    Only if I can go for a ride with it first................
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