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Best goody bag...?

I know you shouldnt enter a race simply because of the goody bag, but I must admit I often get all excited when it comes to pick up the goody bag to see what delights you get in there. As a bit of light hearted relief, whats the best stuff people have got?

My best catch was probably Zurich 70.3 where got awesome medal, great tshirt, brilliant bag (with 101 pockets), finishers certificate with times and as many yellow IM drinks bottles as you could get home...


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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Mine would be IM switzerland which is the same organisers as Zurich 70.3.

    I got all as Blaise plus an Ironman towel and a scott IMCH run cap.

    The worst would have to be the terrapin triathlon you got F all.
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    Amongst my many complaints about London tri this year the goody bag was rubbish. At least when it was sponsored by Micholob you got a free beer.

    Best was the Mens Fitness off road tri.

    UK 70.3 wasn't that good so maybe off to Zurich next year......
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    Bath this year was good, with a Bath Amphibians towel, a decent bag and some other odds and ends. I heard several people grumbling about the UK Ironman goodie bag this year though.
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