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General bike fit question

BmanBman Posts: 442
Hi, I just wanted to see how people with road bikes and clip on bars have done bike setups. I know you need to be further forward to open the hips etc so bike fit calculations are different for a TT/tri setup, when compred to roadbike setup. So, on a road bike with clipon aero bars, in which generally most training is done in normal position, with some aero where you can, but racing is all in aero position, how do people set up ther bikes? Set it up for aero and deal with it on longer rides, or try use 2 setup positions depending on which type of riding will be done? Obvious solution, 2 bikes? cheers!


  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    I have a road bike with clip on aero bars, and I generally use the aero bars whenever the road conditions are suitable, in both training and racing. I have replaced my standard saddle with a tri specific saddle (Profile Design Tri Stryke, I think), which has a slightly longer and more padded nose. And this has been slid and tilted slightly forwards.

    If I'm riding generally, as if it's a road bike, then on the saddle as usual, and then when onthe tri-cars I shift along the saddle so I'm on the nose.

    Two bikes would be ideal, but funds don't allow. And racing isn't all aero, it's determined by the topography at the time.

    I did a Sportive on the weekend where aero-bars weren;t permitted, so it was road bike all the way. And now my arms hurt, you get used to taking the weight of your wrists/elbows etc when on the aero-bars.
  • I thing that bike in 3 areas. Your handlebars, your pedals and your seat. The positions of these 3 contacts relative to each other will determine your comfort and efficiency on your bike. There is a trade off though and a bike that fits you well for fast acceleration will not handle as well as another bike set-up differently . It is major thing bike riders.Thanks.
  • For most people, I'd recommend two positions. Winter and any long sportives, classic roadie position. Early spring, put you tri bars back on and set the bike up in more of a tri position.
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