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Top tube length for aero fit

BmanBman Posts: 442
Hi all, just wanted some advice from those in the know.

Im considering tri bikes and found one I want to try, so after consulting a few bike fit calculators, found the recommended effective top tube length for my measurements to be between 53.5 and 55.5. My problem is the effective top tube lengths for the 2 sizes im going to try are 53 and 55.5. Having tried the 55.5 one on the turbo, i had to get the seatmast down as low as it could go to get near a good fit, so it feels too big.

SO, my question is, based on seat height, I think the samller one would be better for my height and leg length, but the smaller one is 0.5 cm short of the recommended ETTL for me. Could stem length or seat adjustment counteract this on this size, or is it just worth looking for another bike which fits into mid range of my measurements?



  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Try before you decide, i think that the top tube on a tri bike would be a bit shorter than on a road bike - my roadie is a 56 my tri bike is 54 (I think) plus has a shorter stem. See if you can get on the smaller one on the turbo and see how it feels, if the 55 felt too big then i guess that it might be too big. But then i am no expert
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