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What kind of pump?


Which kind of pump should I carry for competitions this season? I'm tempted to go for a CO2 inflator, but have heard that things can go horribly wrong under pressure. Or should I just go for a reliable, but slower mini-pump that can inflate up to 110psi?

Any advice?



  • CO2 is the way to go on race day.

    Pump for training/commuting etc cos it's pricey to keep buying CO2
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    CO2 is definately the way to go on race day, you could carry a conventional pump but you'ld be there for about 5 minutes trying to build up enough pressure. A CO2 pump takes about 5 seconds...

    Wiggle do some pumps by Innovations, theres one with a trigger on it so you can be a bit more precise.

    I get my CO2 from there aswell. (I think you can get them slightly cheaper elsewhere) I get them in packs of 12. When you first get them its definately worth running through a couple of mock tube changes with CO2, once you've used them you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.........
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Well I carried CO2 for most of last year without having to use them (touch wood) but it was always a niggly worry that if I did have to use it during a race, would I bottle it. Then a few weeks ago I had a puncture on my commute, all I had was the CO2, so gave it a whirl. I dont know what I was worried about. It was inflated in a snap. So If i were to do it again, before any races, do a practice tyre change or 2 and use up a CO2 cartridge practicing. Its well worth it, if nothing else, to put your mind at ease.
  • Thanks for the advice guys!
    CO2 pump for race it is then (which I hope I never have to use) and a track pump for general inflation.

  • RockieRockie Posts: 40
    If you get a flat in a race, how confident would you be that it wouldn't go flat again five minutes after inflating? Never had one on the go myself.
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