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Bewl Water TriFest - anyone received refund?

Does anyone know what is going on with this company/event? They seem to be sponsored by 220 Triathlon in some way, but they are holding on to my entry fee for a cancelled event and do not reply to my emails. The Bewl Water triathlon weekend was due to be on 9th/10th July, but was apparently cancelled on 31st May through the TriFest website without even contacting individual entrants directly, although they had our email addresses. I only found out it was cancelled when I realised that I should have had more information than I did, so checked online. Poor form, whatever the reasons for cancellation.

Anyway, the website and press release states that entrants will be refunded within 30 days of the end of May, but this has not happened in my case, and I've not heard from them. Has anyone else received their money back, or had any communication from the company? Does anyone have any more information? I wonder whether 220 Triathlon can take this up, please, as the 220 Triathlon name is still very prominent on the Tri Fest website and I am sure it is in their interest and the interest of their readers to clear this up properly?


  • I have now had a reply from the company, who assure me that refunds are being given in 'weekly batches' and mine is on the way...
  • Still no further communication from the company since their initial reply, and no refund. Anyone else in a similar position? I notice that the Clumber Park event was also cancelled and people promised refunds. I'm struggling to see the difference between this and theft.
  • Write to them and give them 28 days notice to refund you.

    Then take them to small claims court. Its not theft but breach of contract.

    good luck ( they pay your expenses btw)

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