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Can anyone advise me on Newton trainers or a suitable equivalent please?

I've just started to change my running style to the midfoot form and the newtons are apparantly the shoe to help improve the technique. Are they as good as they're made out to be and which version would be most suitable for me as a nuetral runner looking for 10K distance performance?

Or are there a good quality alternative out there?



  • pippip Posts: 170
    I got a pair bought for me earlier this year by my lovely wife and found them to be excellent.I knocked 2 mins off my 10k time once i'd got used to them.Don't overdo things though to start with just do 2 or 3 k for a couple of weeks until you're fully used to them.I got a bit of back ache while i was getting used to them but i was daft and just went out and did a 10k run with them straight from the off.So yeah i recommend 'em
  • I got a pair of Sir Issac's on Saturday, having spent the last three months consciously trying to land fore/midfoot, including outings in Vibrams. Read the advice about taking it slow to start with, just short regular runs. Yeah, right, so straight out with a 15km LSD run. Shoes feel really good, and could feel the difference. However, did think I might have to sell the house and buy a bungalow, as the calves were so tight I struggled to climb the stairs.

    Subsequent shorter runs have been better, so sticking with them, but breaking myself in slower. I only use Newtons on the road though. Other shoes for the trails.
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