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Training Alone

Well, my friend that is a good cyclist just traveled abroad last week and now I am training at my own. We both ride cycle together like a race and it really an enjoyable and also beneficial for improving our performance.. . now would be there most of time during the year, so I have to practice alone. Its little bit boring for me now.. What is your experience riding alone without any partner to enjoy with..?


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    No big deal really, shift work gets in the way of regular rides.

    Get on STRAVA.com, start getting your name on the leader boards, and you will find local riders take an interest in your activities and invite you out. Highly addictive and competitive, Endomondo also is an option.
    Depends what floats your boat really.
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    Same as jon.E!........STRAVA will bring the competitive side out of everyone! and once you know where the sections are you'll know where to put the gas on!

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    I am training for a bike ride since June, I am cycling at about 14 mph.I usually go out alone and initial, easy 10 min warm up and then start spinning at 70-90 rpm's in a gear that is easy but gets your breathing and heart rate up. If you cant catch your breath or your legs start to burn drop down a gear of two and keep going. I ride for a hour or more every day. On Saturday, i plan for a long ride and rest on Sunday. The next week i increase daily ride of 10 min and add a few miles to the long Saturday ride. Increase time and distance every week. You can go out and climb hills or do sprints 1-2 days a week. That will build muscles and make you faster on the flats. It will also allow you to ride longer and further at a slower pace.
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