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Is there any kudos to be had in being the fastest person in my age group that didn't have a TT/Tri bike at the Virgin London triathlon?

Or should I just say if you can't beat 'em join 'em?

Also, another more serious question; I'm due to to a sprint tri in Southampton soon. Do people normally wear a tri suit for the swim or trunks. I've only done open water swims in the past and don't want to look an idiot.



  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    U gain a bit of satifaction but at the end of the day....they own a TT bike
    Tri suit means quicker transition in that you wont have to lob on your cycling gear....unless you next post is going to be "Kudos for doing the whole event in just Speedos?"
  • I'd say yes...There are far to many people out there that rely on they're expensive toys and dont train hard enough.
    I have a nice road bike and regularly put tt bike riders in they're place.
    My mate says your better of saving yourself 3 grand and just have a massive poo before your swim.
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    But........they own a TT bike.
  • LancsRiderLancsRider Posts: 205
    Triathlon is and always will be a technical sport, as such at the highest levels it demands a technical response. If people choose to respond to the sport in a way that involves expensive equipment, including wetsuits, heart rate monitors, tri suits etc.. then that is their choice. Whether they get the best out of those equipment choices it is neither here nor there. We are living in a comercialised society as such people are driven to copy others.

    If kids go out and buy / want the football boots that their premiership hero wears it is no surprise. If you could easily afford to buy such football kit it would be a very hard parent who went and found some heavy leather rugby boots and an old woolen shirt and knee length shorts, and sent them out to the local football club like that. The result would be the kid would probably feel left out not want to go again, and that may be a talent lost to the national team, god knows they need them right now.

    In the same way does it matter if an adult decides to do exactly the same thing with a carbon tri bike complete with deep section wheels? Is there any point comparing yourself with others and making points which indicate you think you are possibly better. Using football again, for my sins I am a life long Everton fan. At the moment we have no money to spend, the only premiership club not to buy a player so far this year. My feelings are what is the point of comparing myself to Man City for example, it would only leave me feeling frustrated, at least I know who all the players are each season and can see the team develop over the years bringing on new young talent. At the end of the day I am happy that we have a very good manager in David Moyes and it seems he does not want to move on, rather he shares Evertons values as an honest family club.

    In the same way enjoy the bike you have, get the best from yourself, train hard when you can, rest easy when you must. Look to yourself and not to others for inspiration, at the end of the day be the hero you want to be and not at the psychological expense of others.
  • hathat Posts: 10
    Thanks; as it's the London Triathlon I think it should all be done on Borris Bikes though.
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    I saw a girl using a Boris Bike at the Hyde Park race.
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