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Looking to buy a wetsuit, been using hire suit all season but now would like to buy a quality wetsuit. Ok swimming sprint and Olympic dist and happy in open water just very slow, working hard on tech but would like some advice on which wetsuit to get. I'm short 5' 7 and medium build


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    A story

    I am not a fast swimmer but making some good improvements.

    First suit Orca S2 basic cheapy, between 2008 and 2009 started at 20 min for 750m and got down to about 17
    2010 lost weight so got a 2XU Team T:0, 750m 17min did the Outlaw swim in 88min and that was swimming through all the weeds
    2011 put a lot of effort into my swim but turned up at a race without the 2XU, had heard a good rep about B70 Reaction so thought bugger it and bought one. 750m times now 15:20 - 15:30 but Outlaw swim 5 min slower. Practice lake swims didn't seem to be all that quicker - idea. Pulled out my cheaper 2Xu and over 1700m am consistently 3m faster. Why? B70 is a better performing suit if you have good position, kick etc. 2XU has more buoyancy for the legs so helps me get into a a more hydrodynamic position, bit more difficult on the kick. The B70 is nicer for arm action and kick but my legs were lying lower in the water causing drag, legs are also heavier as put a lot of effort into the bike as well.

    My suggestion a B70 Fusion, 2XU T:2, get a good fit by a stockist who knows what they are doing.

    Let us know where you are and someone will be able to make a suggestion. Sizing charts are amusing.
  • thanks for suggestion thinking about the blueseventy axis I have big legs just not long enough
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I have a foor quatum 3 and love it.

    Its comfortable and fits a treat. Get fitted!
  • pippip Posts: 170
    I had an orca s2 to start with and my swim time for 1500 meteres was 38 mina.But i left it at the outlaw and couldn't be arsed going back to get it because i needed a new one anyway.So i went to Royles tri shop near me and bout a Blue seventy Reaction.First time i used it i knocked 6 mins off my 1500 metre time,yes 6 mins.I foind it super bouyant and it has improved my body position immenseley.Defo recommend this suit and only £200
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    It's all about fit.
    It's all about fit.
    It's all about fit.
    And a little bit about buoyancy in the right places (cf. zacnici)

    I used to have a 2XU T:0 - nothing wrong with it for starters, though it used to give me horrendous neck rash on occasion - good job I never did anything longer than an OD in it.
    Now I have a Foor Quantum 2.4 - super stretchy, super flexible and with decent buoyancy due to panels of air pockets across the chesk and legs.
    I can't really comment on whether it's much faster, not doing much OWS but it's certainly nicer to be in - I don't get the same tightness across my chest, I have no neck rash, and it moves better with me.

    So, my opinion - If you're going to do a lot of OWS, or long distance, then spend more and get a suit that FITS and in which you are comfortable. If it's for a couple of races per year plus training, then get a suit that will do the job, work on sighting and learn to draft Oh, and I would recommend a Foor 2.4
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