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Help - riser kit needed

Hi - need to get my hands on a 10/20mm riser kit for 3T aura aero bars... I like the aero bars good and low but for long rides finding the aero bars are that bit too low. The Aura Pro's don't offer much adjustment so I saw on the web there is a riser kit available for the brezza/aura bars.

Anyone on here have a set or know of a LBS that might?? They are like hens teeth on the inter-web...

Thanks a mill - G


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Can you not turn the stem around so that it rises and then when you need it back to an aggresive set up then switch the stem again

    I assume this may not be possible? Worth investing in a different stem??
  • gkeatinggkeating Posts: 19
    Flipping the stem is going to raise the bottom bar - which I have in a comforable position - it's the aero bars that are a bit low. I managed to source the spacers.. After all that searching in the US ended up getting them in the UK

    Cheers - Gav
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