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FOR SALE: 2010 Argon-18 E114 Frameset

I am selling my 2010 Argon-18 E114 frameset which I have raced on this season. It is an XS and has a 52cm top tube, dimensions can be found here under characteristics
http://www.argon18bike.com/velos/clmtri ... en-ca.html

I'm selling the frame which includes the forks, tri bars, brakes, brake levers and seat post. I haven't cut the steerer. It is in perfect condition except for one small chip that is about 2mm across which is on the top tube. It's a beautiful bike and handles brilliantly.

It is still built up as a bike at the moment so if anybody wants to come and size it up then let me know, I live near Caerphilly in South Wales. I haven't been doing very well sizing the photos so if you want to see bigger/better ones PM me your e-mail address and I'll send them to you! I have also taken more photos but there is a 3 photo limit here. There is a photo of me racing it here http://www.uksportpictures.com/photo5992982.html

I'm asking £1700.




  • Would you ship to U.S., Tampa, Florida, postal code 33626? Thanks
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