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First Triathlon on Saturday

Hi Guys,
its my first ever triathlon on Saturday. I'm doing the sprint distance at the Taton Triathlon. Quite nervous!!!! I have a couple of newbie questions for all you seasoned triathletes.

Do l wear my race number underneath the wetsuit or do l put my racebelt on as l get onto the bike leg? Was thinking taking the wetsuit off would rip the number off?

The other question is how long before the swim should l eat an energy bar (high 5)?

Sorry if the questions are a little dense!



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Good luck for Saturday. It won't be your last.

    Race belt is up to you. I always wear mine under the wetsuit. It sits low down usually below the level of the zip. Never had it damaged yet. Remember you peel your wetsuit down & only pull it off when below the knee.

    As for energy bars do what you've done in training! Don't try anything new on race day. Swiming 750m with the washing machine that is a sprint start can be upsetting enough without gastric complication. However, make sure you have a high carb breakfast 2.5 - 3 hours before race start. If properly trained for the race you shouldn't really need any additional energy for a Sprint as long as you are properly fed in the first place. Save the energy bar for early in the bike leg giving it enough time to digest before the run if you need it. Too much in-race nutrition can cause big problems the same way no enough can.

    However, many do eat energy bars & gels before the start & hopefully someone will post.

    Hope this helps

  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Each to their own for the number belt. I leave mine in T1 inside my helmet. Its then just a matter of fixing it on. Few seconds is all it takes.

    If its a sprint then neck a gel 5/10mins before the swim. You shouldn't need any nutrition at all during a sprint. Its too short to need it.

    Also do what Harry suggest - only do what you've done in training and what works for you. NEVER try anything new out in a race and eat a good carb breakie.

    enjoy and have fun - you'll only pop the tri cherry once.... this time next year you'll be doing IM
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Race belt; some wear under the wetty but most put on in T1. Helmet attached to bars, shades in helmet, number belt on top of shades straps dangling out so easy to pick up and attach. If you get 2 numbers pin back to back so no need to faff about putting on right way.

    Nutrition is individual but you shouldn't need anything solid in a Sprint.

    High carb breakfast 2-3 hours before, 45min before I have an energy drink mix some have a gel, some have an energy bar.
    During the bike some like gels, some have nothing, I have an energy drink in an aero bottle.
    Run, some have a gel, some have nothing, some have a drink either at a feed station or from a bottle.
    Bottom line - what works for you.

    Here is a useful guide:
    http://www.highfive.co.uk/pdf's/TRIATHL ... ISH_LR.pdf

    Don't worry too much use it as a learning experience and you will develop your own nutrition plan.

    Good luck
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