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Ironman Wales

Hey everyone, I was marshalling at the Ironman Wales today, firstly what a venue. Closed roads (great for the triathletes) friendly atmoshpere it was great. There were a couple of people moaning about the closed roads though, including the owner of the campsite I stayed at. Seems odd seeing as she got £28 out of me and much more off the others staying!!

But back to the race, the water seemed choppy and the bike course was very very very windy and hilly. Can't wait to read some reports. Seems like a tough IM to do if anyone wants a challenge.

Well done to all that competed, also can I recomend marshalling I felt like I gave a bit back to the sport today.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Good man, hear the event was a challenge - rumours of some pissed off locals annoyed by their sheep interfering activities being disrupted had spread nails on the road. NIMBYs - got to love 'em
  • Youve hit the nail on the head there zacnici!!! lol no pun intended there!

    good event, high winds made it slow, good support in tenby itself but out on the more bleak parts of the course locals were putting tacks down....
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I would have thought it would have been hard to spread tacks without the benefit of opposable digits...
  • Good friend of mine was aiming to qualify for Kona at this race but got punctured by a tack and dropped from 3rd to 30th in age group... obviously ruined the race and the whole day for him.
    All about Lanzarote now where I will be there supporting (and surfing).

    Really lame of who ever did it ..
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Bet they dont throw tacks on the road in Lanzy,.Over their the race will be supported by the locals not shunned by a bunch of inbred dickheads
  • The point regarding Ironman qualification is really valid in that this sort of thing about sabotaging the bike route in future could really distort the race at the top of the age groups. I for one would now think twice in the future about trying to get a qualifying time at Ironman Wales if I am risking a financial investment and importantly a lot of specific training and tapering for the event to have it blow up in your face over an incident such as the one at least one athlete seems to have experienced this weekend.

    In future will this mean a bad reputation gained created by I suspect just one or two mindless individuals leads to people with aspirations of age group qualification staying away. Whilst this might make qualification times a bit more easier for some in the field, it is not a good situation.

    There has been similar incidents with sportive events, and as competitors it is important that we do not give the people who do such things free amunition such as not using designated toilet areas, dropping litter, leaving vehicles in inappropriate places etc. Maybe more work needed to be done by the Ironman organisation to educate locals regarding the benefits to the area. I know because it is in my region that Bolton town council makes a massive effort to publicise Ironman UK and importantly comes out with very strong figures as to the economic growth that is created by the event, as such I think the town along with Leigh and Horwich have taken the event to heart over the past couple of years. I was in the area in the run up to the event, and it was really heartening to hear locals in pubs for example saying it was a good thing and though the restrictions on traffic were a pain the best approach was simply to come out watch the event for a couple of hours and join in. I guess these things can take some time to bed in with the locals. One problem is that whilst these events have natural centres, there also needs to be work done at positive promotion in the outlying areas which make up the bike route.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    The race will recover from this easily. Yes they are dickheads but you get these dickheads in all warks of life but they realise they are insignificant in what they are doing they move on.
    Look at the Etape Caledonian - its suffered from those knobs who are against closing roads so they spray tacks all over the roads but slowly they are getting less and less frequent.
    Will it happen again - probably but the less thats made of it means they will go away sooner, make a huge song and dance about it and they've won.

    Its still crap if you've paid your money and it happens to you though and I have sympathy for those its does/ did happen to.
  • I found this today when looking at the bike course.

    http://www.bikemap.net/route/1215468?13 ... =10&type=2

    I blame god!!!

    I don't think that people realise that the carers, police, fire and ambulances etc can get access. It's just the half wits who can't make their hourly visit to Tesco. I am suprised that the tacks stayed in the road with the wind being what it was. The organiser did say that he felt like the most hated man in the UK at the moment.

    Tossers the lot of them complaining about their area being premoted!!!!
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Its a shame if the tacks story is true ... I did bala standard at the weekend and it was on closed roads, albeit on a singl 12 mile stretch but the organisers new this was a bus route and I think 4 buses were due to go trough the route in the time of the event - these did go through with a police escort so all was fine.

    I am sure that the organisers of IM wales would have done the same and tried to help anybody that may have been in difficulty during the road closures.

    Its such a shame that these things happen.

    Apart from that I think that the event got massive praise so well done to all
  • I completed Ironman Wales on Sunday and it was absolutely immense.

    I hope the stories about the tacks are proved to be an urban myth because my event couldn't have been better. I know there were reports about unhappy locals prior to the event but on the day all I had was very loud & vocal support from hundreds of locals all around the bike route.

    The swim was interesting and a little choppy but the 1km run from North Beach to T1 was the best experience I've had in 30 years of running - it was awsome.

    The cycle route was hard but by no means too difficult - you won't get a PB!! Most of it on closed roads with a couple of noisy locations with music etc to keep you going.

    Approximately a third of the run was around the narrow twisty streets of Tenby where the crowd's support was none stop.

    The route was well marshalled by friendly people and the feed stations had enough supplies and extremely supportive and helpfull volunteers.

    This was my second Long Distance Triathlon and I'd been fairly synical of the Ironman brand but after Sunday I've changed my mind - Ironman Wales is an event I'd highly recommend to anyone wanting to take on the challenge of a Long Distance Triathlon. It had the best atmosphere and support thoughout the course that I've experienced.

    ....... and this was only its first year, it can only get bigger and better - go for it, I promise you won't regret it (it can't be that windy again!!).
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    BB congrats

    Glad to hear the event was well supported and I am sure that any sheep interfering, tack spreading morons are in a definite minority
  • Have a look at these, if they don't get the hairs on the back of your neck standing one end, you are in the wrong sport:

    http://www.tri247.com/article_9072_Iron ... &category=

    http://www.itv.com/wales/wales-first-ir ... o.facebook
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  • Triumphant it sounds superb, I'm going to marshall again next year and go for it in 2013. I did Bolton in 2009 with a very similar time to you. That was also abut completion, and sounds like the same as you lack of training etc.

    Was the long course weekend good to do?
  • It's on channel 4 on Sunday morning.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Tri247 video was great, fantastic support, locals after some misgivings also raved about it as well http://www.tenby-today.co.uk/content/fe ... 911032.pdf

    This event will sustain by all accounts - well done all, competitors, volunteers, supporters and locals alike
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