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Should I join a club?

Ok, so I've done my first sprint over the weekend. Finished in 1:19.23, which is about what I wanted, but still not happy with my result.

The week before this I foolishly decided to purchase entry to the UK IM70.3 in Wimbleball next year. Though I am confident I can do the distances.

Anyway, thats not really relevant, my question is whether I should join a tri club? I know you get a few discounts here and there, but that's not really the most important factor here. Yet I'm struggling to find a good reason other than the above and the ability to wear the club kit.

I'm already seeing a swim coach that I prefer to the local clubs, I prefer my cycle training to be on my tod, however I do hate running on my own (I find it so... boring).

So is it just a case of having other triathletes to socialise/bounce ideas off and extra support at events? (Which is the main reason I've been looking), or am I missing the point here?

Also please note that I find the majority of members in the local club a bit too egotistical and seem to shun new people. Which I used to not mind, but now feel I shouldn't have to put up with.


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Well done on your first tri,and entering the 70.3

    some people thrive on others and as you say bounce ideas around,alot join a club to improve,it is rare for many athletes to stay with the same coach if they stop improving,clubs provide access to numerous others who may provide the breakthrough to the next level.

    A number of clubs are affiliated to a variety of associations that allow you to compete in races that none affiliated people cannot,cycling time trials for example.

    With discounts etc it does make economic sense,particularly if you are going to be racing quite abit.

    Before joining a club,write/ring the club secretary and find out what the club can do for you.
    There are a number of international tri clubs that are based via the interweb,with it's club members scattered about the world,someone is bound to say have a look at www.bcttt.com and click on the picture of the ugly cyclist to go to their forum,but that is blatent advertising and will get me in trouble.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Remember that tri clubs are run by fellow triathletes putting something back into the sport. So expect to get discounts, cheap (but good) coaching and all the rest. Also expect to met up with other who you can train with away from formal sessions.

    However, its not just what you can get out of the club thats inportant but what you are prepared to put back in! The more you put in the more you get out - simples. You could for example organise a non-coached running group - good for you and also for those who feel the same.

  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    As above, for the first 3 seasons I was on my tod and then I joined a club last year. I can get as much or as little out of it as I want, have expanded my circle of fellow triathletes and makes for a much better experience in events IMHO. The Club Relays in particular are a real hoot. John.E has mentioned a certain club and although not a member I can vouch for their camaraderie.

    The membership fees are not a lot and has been mentioned they also put back, some of these young boys and girls coming through now will be awesome when they get older and that alone enhances the profile of the sport.
  • I have often thought about joining a triathlon specific club and nearly joined my local club at the tail end of last year.

    In the end i actually took a different approach and joined three separate clubs, one for each of the disciplines. I've always had issues with my running and swimming. I'm OK but by no means good and i really wanted to make some improvement for this year. I attended a couple of sessions at a local tri club and while they were very friendly and offered sounds advice, there was no-one there that could offer specific advice on technique, breathing etc. I should add that this might not be the case for every club and if you can find one that has people that can give you that sort of input and advice, you should snap it up.

    I decided in the end to join a run club and receive swim coaching at the local Masters session and i'm glad i made that choice because i have seen a huge improvement in my swimming (i have a totally new technique now, faster and more efficient) and I've finally been able to break the 20 minute barrier on a 5k.

    I'm not saying that this would suit everyone, only that it is an option and i found it worked really well for me. 3 new set of friends, great camaraderie and there's rarely an event that i do where there's not another club member there.

    I guess the only downside is that not being a Tri Club member, i don't wear club kit or have that sense of being part of a team. That being said, i quite enjoy competing against some of the big clubs and seeing how i fare.
  • http://www.BCTTT.com

    I can't make it any more obvious for you my friend.

    Just pop over and see what we are all about
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I looked to join my local tri club once... very cliquey....and full of alpha males.

    joined bcttt

    not cliquey at all but willieverfinish is one hellva an alpha male

    Him and JB share lots..
  • Evening guys,

    I registered on BCTTT during the week and was told i would receive an e-mail shortly once a moderator had approved it but as of yet i haven't heard anything.

    Is there like an initiation process? Do i need to drink the dirty water from a freshly cleaned bike? Play Russian Roulette using my tongue & a beautiful Campag rear cassette? Sniff Coneheads saddle after a 6 hour marathon bike ride? Lick the saddle?

    Cos seriously....... i would do all of those things!
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    according to the system your account is activated... but the forum isn't emailing at the moment (since willy broke it )... are you able to log on?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Further to my last - yes. I am fortunate in that Lincoln Tri is very friendly, training sessions, club bikes, bike boxes, Lottery funded, active children's section.

    Volunteered yesterday for Lincoln Tri's Children's Triathlon; pool swim, closed circuit bike and run with chip timing. Over 200 entrants, tiny 8 yr olds and their pink princess bikes to Trek Madones with carbon aerobars and a Giant running Tubs on PX 50/101s! Helpers on hand in Transition to assist with unracking/racking. A few had their shoes clipped in and were very slick, some fantastic talent coming through there.

    A lot were either tri club members or children of triathletes but the majority had no previous triathlon experience or connection, all had beaming smiles, no doubt on Monday they will be telling all their classmates on Monday. How many would continue? How many of their classmates will be inspired to try one? Hopefully a lot.

    The daughter of one of our members had wanted to do this as she wanted 'to do a triathlon like her mummy' Her mum told us that after 2 lengths she wanted to stop and was crying, mum told her 'get back in there' ... later beaming smile 'I enjoyed every minute'

    The only downside is that some are already so good if they were allowed to compete with adults would give us an absolute spanking
  • I never joined a club when i was training for my IM because i wanted to do what i wanted to do during trianing.

    However, I missed the social aspect of a club and the loneliness of the training got to me at times, especially during the winter months.

    There does seem to be a lot of variance in the quality of clubs/seriousness of the training!

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    I would say yes most definately. You can train on your own if you want, but nothing beats the sociable aspect of a club, and you'll get the benefit of coached training and like minded people who will be able to share their experiences.

  • Join a club. I am from a cycling and running background and find it very hard to get up to race speed without the company of others. After all people say that unless you race you dont get faster. Which suggests that you have to be around people to improve up to proper race speed. ok, I dont think this is fully true, it completely depends on preference, but I also would say there is some logic too it. YES join a group!
  • I just started in triathlon - previously I did some running etc but it was sporadic and boring - I joined a club and it has made a huge difference.
  • shadowone1 wrote:
    I looked to join my local tri club once... very cliquey....and full of alpha males.

    joined bcttt

    not cliquey at all but willieverfinish is one hellva an alpha male

    Him and JB share lots..

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