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Brand research company looking for triathletes in London

This may interest / suit some here.
A friend of mine works for brand consultancy Firefish (www.firefish.ltd.uk) and is looking for some triathletes in London, or able to travel to London for some brand research around sports nutrition.

Participants will be paid for their time and would classify themselves at least as "Serious Amateurs" (I guess that's everybody on here!)

It's "research for a well known sports brand and participants’ input will be used in the future development of the brand, brand image and its products..."

Some will be observed training/competing, and filmed, then interviewed afterwards (w/c 26th Sept ideally).
For others, it would be a focus group with some other athletes during w/c 26th Sept or w/c 3rd Oct (after work hours).

If you are interested and potentially available, please contact Rachel directly - [email protected] or call 0207 8269999. Then one of her team will give you a call to go through a few questions and make sure you fit the bill and are available at the right time and happy with what it involves.

~~This is all of the information I have, please address any questions directly to Rachel~~

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