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fitting clip on tri-bars

hi all, i am looking to fit some clip on tri-bars to my cannondale caad9 road bike, i have found some which look ideal but i am unsure which diameter to go for.

The diameter of the bars where it is held by the stem is 31.8mm but this then tapers to 26mm. as i have never used them before im not sure how far appart they mount and which diameter the bar will be at that point.

any help would be much appreciated. James.


  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Personal preference, Depending how wide you are ?
    You'll need to play about with the positioning to find whats good for you without resticting you too much.
    If they are too close together it can restrict your breathing I found.
    I had to change my bars as the taper from 31.8mm to 26mm was right where i wanted to fit my clip ons that fit the 31.8mm bars, I know Giant bikes standard bars have quite a decent 'fat' part of the bar, I bought some from planet X as they offer a good variety of adjustment across that fat part before it tapers off.
    I went out with an allen key and chopped and changed until I found a position that was right for me.
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    As above, I simply couldn't fit bars safely due to a taper and had to change my bars to accomodate the clip ons.

    Don't try padding it out at all, as it may feel secure enough but when you hit a bump or pot hole, it'll all go horribly wrong.

    Unless you like them nice and wide and fit to the 28mm section then you'll probably have to change bars.
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