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Winter Training


I was wondering if anyone could help with any advice for a winter training program, I've trawled the net and can't really find anything of any help.

I like things quite regimented so being able to follow a weekly plan would be great.

I've done two sprints this year and my goal for next year is to step up to doing a few Olympic Distance triathlons.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you



  • Whilst I can not give you a specific programme I hope some of this advice may help a little.

    I would start by thinking about what type of training you want to do in the spring before your first races of next years season. At this stage I suspect you will want to do some intensive sessions at race pace and to develop strength to help with fast race splits for the three disciplines. Such an approach will put stress on your body as it has to deal with the new levels of training. I call this time of the year my advanced base period where I put the finishing touches on my training.

    With this in mind what you should be focusing on is building a foundation upon which you can add this intensive work later on in the new year. I call this base period. If I were you think about building up your weekly milage both running and cycling little by little. Take time out to improve your swim stroke, take a class or two, and do some strength work at the gym, not to build up muscle mass but to work towards better all round condition.

    I would always advocate you take as much responsibility for developing your own training plan as you feel comfortable with, and I have found books such as Joe Friels Triathletes Training Bible an excellent starting point to develop ideas for an annual training plan in more detail.
  • Im a coach if your interested in having one........PM me if your interested......
  • Joe Friels section in this months 220tri mag looks at winter training and recommends a book on subject but i guess if your on this forum you've probably already read it.
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