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Chrissie Wellington out of Kona?

Just a rumour at present but lets hope if it's true she will be ok to go in two weeks time, she doesn't deserve this much bad luck after having to pull out on the morning of the event last year.

http://www.everymantri.com/everyman_tri ... hips-.html


  • Chrissie has now sent an image out showing she has a bit of road rash after the crash which was due to a flat front tire. Looks like she will make the start line.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    She's a tough bird Miss Wellington and a herd of stampeding buffalo's won't stop her from starting this year.Hopefully she won't get flu again tho
  • Pictures posted today of Chrissie on www.ironman live.com in Kona sporting a couple of road rash patches on her legs doesn't look too bad more of a surface issue, no real swelling or bruising apparent.
  • Why did I ever worry in the first place?

    Just fallen out of my pit after following two brilliant races on the live stream. Well done to Chrissie and Crowie on two hard, hard fought victories. If you didn't take the oportunity to follow the coverage this year put it in the diary for twelve months time, this was sport, and triathlon at its very best.

    Triathlon has the potential to be a voyage of discovery, the opportunity for us to explore our own potential and find out what we are really made of if we are brave enough to ask the question. Our two new world Ironman champions certainly asked that question in the early hours of this morning. To go this deep on your own would be impossible, to do it in a race situation is essential. Their victories are as much a reflection on of the pressure other athletes were prepared to put them under as their own ability to dig into every reserve in their body. Whilst Chrissie Wellington will take the limelight from a British perspective and rightly so, well done to Tom Lowe (11th), Leanda Cave (3rd), Rachel Joyce. (4th) and Catriona Morrison (11th) on what was an excellent race for British interest.

    A special mention for Julie Dibens who led from the front and well into the run only to break down due to her foot injury, she showed us all that you can ask yourself the question but you have to go out there and give it everything you have got if you ever want the chance of really learning the truth.
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