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Warrior Dash War Paint

Warrior Dash 2011On July 31 I ran in the 2011 Warrior Dash -- a 5K filled with obstacles like chest-deep mud pits, navigating a small junk yard, and jumping over fire.
Adventure races are my motivators for training. I'm not a great runner (yet) but adventure races are perfect for keeping me excited about the next run!

I was lucky to run with a couple friends, including Michael, who were in it for FUN!

Running in the Warrior Dash meant adventure and costumes.

By which I mean body paint & feathers.

Using washable paint, we honorably gave each other warrior-like hand prints. (Michael's was probably the best--check out the picture! He put a hand print across his face. The ultimate warrior!)

Warrior Dash Dog
We even got my other best friend involved--my dog! After I gave him a handprint across his forehead, he retaliated.

Okay, so he didn't necessarily force his prints on us. But he was a loyal supporter, so we each wore his paw print.

The dog was a major hit at the event. People loved that we included him in our race costume theme and he was a great conversation starter!

We even joked with made up stories about how we arrived at the race. "Ah, yes. The handprint on the dog was from his last victim. He truly is a warrior." Nevermind his goofy trots and lovable pet-me-please face; everyone at Warrior Dash is a warrior!

Interested in using body paint for your next adventure race? (Or non-adventure race!) Here are a few tips:

Make sure to use the kid-friendly stuff. It's kind to your skin and washes off easily.
Try tempera paint. It lasted through the lake water, sweat, and mud pits--but not my shower! (see picture)

Triathlon Fun

Bring disposable plates to use as paint trays. One of those things you might forget--and regret forgetting.
Use baby wipes to clean off the excess. After branding each other, we had pretty messy handprints.

Not interested in using body paint? Or want to take it a step further? Consider other ways to fun up your race. Being the Warrior Dash, I found inspiration in headdresses.

Because running in a headdress sounded completely uncomfortable, I just put a couple feathers in my hair instead. I braided one in and just stuck the other through my ponytail.

Triathlon Fun Costume

The bright colors of the feathers helped me stand out against the crowd so my adventure race cheerleader (and photographer) could easily identify me in the crowd.

What are your favorite fun race costume pieces or embellishments?
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