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Shoulder Pain

Looking for some advice. During my swimming training i have started to get a pain in my right shoulder. When i reach with the right arm it also feels like (not saying it is) my joint is coming out of place a little bit, and then stays there until my arm is about half way through the pull. This is uncomfortable and a strange feeling which after a while results in a mild pain.

Now back in my teen days of i must get as muscular as possible, i can remember doing dumbell flys and feeling a sharp pain in my right shoulder which force to take a rest from the gym for about a month. The pain i am feeling in my shoulder now is as much as i can tell in the same place. (the gym incident was about 2 years ago)

My question is should i be looking into strengthening my shoulder with exercises, if so which ones? Or is it time to take a trip to the docs/physios?

Thanks Arran


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    If its a recurrence of a previous injury, which sounds possible, then go & see a physio and get the underlying problem sorted. Very few muscle/ligament/tendon injuries clear up completely by themseves - they may go away but there is often scar tissue which lurks waiting for its chance to strike again. The physio should be able to recommend strengthening exercises. If not then 'internals' & 'externals' are often used to strengthen the shoulder rotator cuff muscles.

    If its a new injury go to www.swimsmooth.com and seach on shoulder. They have a very usefull section on how poor technique can cause sholder pain. However, you will probably need a swim coach to look at your technique action armed with the swimsmooth stuff - it is impossible to fully self analyse your stroke.

  • Yesterday Was my first day in the gym and I workout for shoulder my shoulders having pain till this time, now please guys let me know what I do for these.
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  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Hi Aaron

    Pain along the top of your shoulder during/after swimming a set is (usually) an indicator that there's a problem with your stroke. Your basically using the wrong set of muscles during your pull phase of your stroke - but I can't see from here, so it's a best guess...

    As has been said, check out the swimsmooth website for some very comprehensive information. You'll need to complement this info with some coached sessions at a/your tri club or a 1-2-1 as you won't be able to fix the problem yourself - unless you can swim with a mirror ).

    Have fun!
  • Pain is your bodies way of telling you that something is wrong, and it doesn't like what its being asked to do. You should just give it a rest, and see a physio. When you are fully recovered you will need to include an injury prevention strategy such as strength training, flexibility or it will come back again in the distance future. See a physio is my advice. www.slimmerfitterstronger.com
  • I'd recommend a physio. A good one will give you theraband exercises to strengthen it. If you can find a phsyio who has worked with swimmers before that is an advantage. I've been to two phsyio's about the same problem. One suggests staying out of the water for two weeks (this isn't an option for swimmers) and the other recommend light training and regular treatment.
  • According to me its a muscular problem. Sometime during workout at gym we feel this shoulder pain. Last week i was doing weight lifting at gym and i felt lot of pain in my shoulder but after some time it finished.
  • armiearmie Posts: 10
    Go see your doctor and get him to book you an MRI scan. This will be the only way to tell what you've done to your shoulder. I went 12months with a niggling pain (made worst with swimming) to find I'd pulled a tendon (rotator cuff) from the the bone and required surgery to pin it back. Having said i had the op beginning of September and have been back swimming since mid November. I am now upto swimming 2k twice a week and only occasionally feeling some very slight discomfort after exercise, to which the surgeon says will go with time.
    It's the tendons that give your shoulder stability. For all the years I've weight trained, when a set of latex bands would have been better.
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