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Trining suggestions welcome

I was training in the early part of this year to compete in my first triathlon this summer. Unfortunately getting knocked off my bike by a car, followed by a posting to Afghanistan for 6 months put a stop to that. I have been trying to do some off season maintenance training but have no access to a pool. I can run in the confines of the base I am in and I have access to a rowing machine and a half decent spinning bike. Can anyone recommend a programme involving these three aspects that will get me ready for spring training. I have a maximum of 60 mins per day training time.



  • Dave
    I've got a smallie rowing circuit that I did whilst I was out there that I found very beneficial.
    300m in 1 min
    1 min rest
    Repeat to failure
    You have to be religious with the timings, as soon as you go over a minute on the row you stop and only a minute rest before you start the next one. If you complete one interval you HAVE to attempt the next. That minute rest starts feeling shorter and shorter after about the 5th onwards. The most I remember managing was about 12 complete but there were lads in my Troop who could do 15 or more. It's great for building your CV and those swim muscles.

    With the bike plenty of long spins are always good. Alternatively, if you want to mix it up a bit I'd suggest getting the dice out and getting one of your oppos to roll for sprint/recovery times or standing/sitting, overgear/undergear times while they're in there. That should keep it interesting, unless they enjoy a good see-off and constantly roll a 'six'

    If you can get hold of a theraband you could also do some dry land swim practice. You could even just get hold of a length of bungee cord which should be sufficient.

    Hope this helps
  • Mat,

    Thanks very much. I'll definitely give the rowing a shot. I'm getting an hour per day on the bike about 3-4 times per week as well as running. Thanks for the advice.

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