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TT bike fit

Ive decided to race a TT bike for next season, can anyone recommend a good company for the bike fit? Have heard a few good comments about Velomotion, Milton Keynes. Also the prices range from £120 - £300 !!!!!


  • Don't know if this helps a bit to get things rolling on the post, as I am in a similar position.

    My first thought were to go to Tri-Uk after having spoken to Christian a few times on the telephone. I have been in the industry and felt like he came across as knowing his stuff. My main reason for looking in this direction was that they hold a wide range of bikes, and my concern with some other retail based fitting services was that the fit session was likely to lead to a conclusion that I am 'absoloutly perfect' for their main retail line whatever that might happen to be. From slowtwitch product reviews I am well aware that frames vary considerably and I felt that whatever Tri-Uk recomends i could translate geometry data onto other framesets if I simply decided to pay the fee around £180 for the fit to include my current road bike. The advantage of this approach is that should I get a bike from them the fit is free.

    In this way the first question I would think about is how good a fit do you want as you say it is your first TT bike and how much are you intending to spend? If your expectations are not very high in respect to race performance and are intending an off the peg machine rather than a custom build this might make some sense.

    What I am now coming more around to is going for a full Retul bike fit to cover all bases just in case. To be honest I have no problems whatsoever with my current bike position which was originaly advice given by high calibre club mates and has been handed down through the decades since the late 70's when I stopped growing from bike to bike, and has not changed even when I have had the luxury of custom made framesets from some of the countrys best frame builders Dave Lloyd and Terry Dolan. I suspect a Tri fit will move things around but I know I will put everything back because I ride most of the time in the Bowland and Pennine fells and I know the bike works well for me in that arena and am less concerned as to how I am set up for riding on the flat. I would use any co-ordinates given to transfare onto a TT set up however. My gut reaction is I will be paying a lot of cash to be told everything is more or less very good.

    The second question here is how good a cyclist are you and how much experience have you got of different bikes, and do you have any reacuring niggles such as knee pain etc.. I am pretty confident of my current position due to years of injury free riding except when i crash the thing. If you are relatively new to the game it may be a good idea to get a full bike fit such as using the Retul system. If like me you are still thinking this way I would like people who have come from a cycling background and have used a Retul practitioner to come forward and pass comments. Having all the latest gear and having undergone a short training course doesn't mean they know what they are talking about, as such I would also be interested in good and bad stories.

    Hope this throws a few thoughts around.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    My bike fit was done done by a local TT champ (Lincoln) - much more comfy, no shifting about in the saddle, back flat, faster what more can I say. Preliminary part of the fit was to do a physical exam, joint flexibility etc. Left arch soft meant knee was travelling elliptically so insoles and cleats adjusted, problem solved, solid connection.
  • I can highly rate mike taylor at Bridgtown Cycles


    Mike has fitted many a BCTTTer and I have to say its top notch - my position is superb .

    Mike has his own GI Tri Bridgtown pro team and fits all of them - including Tom Lowe so if its good enouigh for them ...............

    Give Mike a call and book yourself in. You wont regret it.
  • I'm having mine done with Chris next week........I will also hold my hands up and confess to being a member of the Balanced Performance Race Team. I do know you'll be getting the knowledge of someone who has spent over 25 years (sorry Chris on various tt bike's) and is a triathlete also

    From website:

    http://balancedperformance.co.uk/index. ... &Itemid=15

    Please feel free to contact us if you want to book an appointment or discuss your requirements

    email:- [email protected] e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Phone 07812184764

    We have 2 bases one in Hucknall Nottingham and the other in Lutterworth Leicestershire, please let me know which is the most convenient for you
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I had my fit done at Planet X in Rotherham; Bike Science also do it in Bristol; I think they do London as well (too lazy to google ;-) Planet x will be the cheapest Retul fit if you ride a PX bike.
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