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Bala - triathlon, whiting & girls

Whilst perusing 'The Mountain Men' by Alan Hankinson (a very fine read if you're interested in the early years of climbing in Snowdonia) I came across the following. Lord George Lyttleton of Hagley is credited with being one of the first to head to Snowdonia for the 'modern motives, pleasure and exercise' - this being 1756 mind. He quoted in a letter:-

"What Bala is most famous for is the beauty of its women and indeed I saw there some of the prettiest girls I ever beheld. The lake produces some very fine trout and a fish called whiting, peculiar to itself, and of so delicate a taste that I believe you would prefer the flavour of it to the lips of the fair maids of Bala"

Can't say that I remember the girls or whiting of Bala on the Oly course that I did there, maybe others do?
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