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The road less travelled

I've just started triathlon training (and learning techniques) - my goal being to compete in 2012. The world of triathlon is immense so I will move forward one step at a time (excuse the pun). I am trying to track the costs as I go - costs in terms of time, work and family, money etc. I started a blog - www.try4triathlon.com - other newbies may relate and experienced triathletes may be able to spot Typical beginner mistakes. I am a novice blogger as well so I need time to get it looking right!!!


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    Let me help you with costs, time etc

    1) you will spend more than you ever imagined you would. Carbon bikes will make you drool in your sleep and 6 months after getting one you'll want another one.

    2) your free time will suddenly become non existent and your family will lose quality time with their HAT/BAT/DAD. Get used to it cos they certainly will have too.

    3) wearing Lycra and compression will become second nature - so much so that even your mates at work stop taking the piss as they are so used to seeing you look like a tit. This is a good thing.

    4) you will promise yourself that an OD is too far and takes a year to train for, then you'll do one and think the same about a HIM then you'll do that and IM will be your goal. That's when your life gets taken over by this sport.

    5) http://Www.BCTTT.com pop in and say hi. Born from this ever diminishing forum there are some great folk there with huge and varying levels of talent, experience and humour.
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    Never a truer word spoken
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