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Lost on Recovery

Hi all,
I have been training for my first triathlon (Olympic Distance) with a 12 week plan from trinewbies.
I have gone for the triathlon because I only did running before and the training for marathons began to cause injuries on my feet.
so I looked for an alternative and chose triathlon.
All the training went all by all good for a first time (although for the moment I don't have a decent race bike and had to learn to swim properly by myself and naturally I am still learning a lot).
The average time I trained in a week was about 14 hours with strength training included (2 times a week).
Now I have finished the training but I haven't done a triathlon
A: because I am a little scared to do a triathlon, and didn't have the opportunity to swim outside.
B: because for the moment there isn't a triathlon here.
Now my question is how long I must rest before beginning the next training workplan (would like to do the 18 weeks one)? Or if I can begin straight away because I didn't do a proper triathlon and only did the training?
I have little aches here and there but nothing serious.
I just like to know if I become better and stronger by resting for a week or so ,or that I begin right away?
If someone can help me that would be great.
Good luck with all you're goals and dreams.


  • I would say your question simply highlights the two points raised in your post i.e. scared to do a triathlon and not one here.

    The aim of any plan is to get you to a point in time where your fitness level is transfarable to an event, or series of events. It sounds as if you trained very hard last time around only to let the opportunity slip, the reason possibly finishing a plan when the season has more or less just ended.

    If I were you Manuel the first thing I would do is target a race or two reasonably close together next year and enter them at the first opportunity. You will have plenty of time to awork on swimming outside as I suspect this is one if not the reason you didn't get further last time. Make sure the races are within your capabilities, the aim is not to win them or even come in with a good time but to gain experience.

    Once you know when your race season is give yourself a week or two between the end of the plan and then count the weeks backwards to find a starting point. This does not mean you can not do anything now if the plan only starts in a months time, rather enjoy your training do different things to maintain your fitness and importantly have fun with it. If you feel you need a rest then take it.

    The best thing in your post is the honesty and that you said you are still learning a lot. There is no proper triathlete out there who is not learning a lot about this sport week by week, that is the beauty of triathlon. Yes you will make mistakes, but over time as you develop things will fall in place and become easier and more consistent, you need to be consistent which I think you are in your training it sounds like you work hard at it, but you also need to be flexible. Training plans are great but they should not be set in stone.

    Good luck, and post about your first races next year!
  • Thank you very much for the post.
    I shall look out for a triathlon in Belgium for next year. Although I am a little scared for the swimming part.
    I learned a lot already (thanks to total immersion and swimsmooth) but like with all things the deeper you go the more you uncover.
    Is it therefore a good idea that in the meantime before the next season I begin the 18 week trinewbies triathlon plan so I can learn more about the sport?
    I shall post when I finish my first triathlon (if ever )
    Also one last question do any of you swim outside during the autumn or winter and how do you keep warm (not counting swimming faster ), I was frozen when I swam in the North Sea in Belgium and that was on a summer day (it was a pretty cold day and it was more in the evening)?
    Thanks all
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    There's a decent middle distance triathlon in Anvers, or if you're willing to travel into France, try Dunkerque? A local club will probably be able to help you find a race to enter as there are bound to be local races that are shorter distances and less intimidating for a relative newcomer.

    As for recovery, I don't believe in ananymous plans or fixed recovery periods, as each person is different. Listen to your body and take the recovery you need.
  • Thanks for the advice.
    I shall seek a triathlon in Belgium so I can be so comfortable as possible and have only the race in my mind.
    For the moment I am following the Joe beer plan from 220.
    There is something I don't get, for the training it states to look at his site for the swim sets.
    But on the first one there is a drill called chick and also power and they aren't explained.
    Does someone know what they are?
    and there is also a workout with aquajogging in between sets can they be done by running on the spot or must you always put the special gear on?
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