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Giant Defy or TCR

Hi there,

Very sadly had my Giant Defy 2 stolen and still very about it but fortunately my insurance company and been very quick to compensate so I can replace it quickly. However, in looking for a replacement Defy 2 2011, I've also found a Giant TCR 2 2011 on wiggle for only a little more.

I loved the Defy 2 but before I replace it, I was just wondering how the TCR compares and whether it's worth paying the little extra for the TCR. Would it be upgrading my bike and would it still be suitable for long rides (3-4 hours). I'm no pro and although I do enter sprint triathlons and did my first bike event (50 miles) this week, I want to strike the right balance between a lovely nimble, light bike that helps me put down a fair pace but is still comfortable and enjoyable for a 60-70 mile ride without needing a new spine!

The TCR looks like a great set up but will it be too aggressive a position for long leisure rides?


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I suppose you need to think about your flexibility and postion when in the saddle. I ride a fairly flat agressive set up all the time and will do 100 K on it comfortable. Its all in your personal needs.
    If the bike you had fitted well and as you say you loved it, then get the same. maybe spend that extra you had for the other on a few upgrades.
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