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Just upgraded to my first drop handle bike and I'm after a computer as I'm starting to get fed up of using apps on my phone.

I'm after something more than a basic one but not too expensive. Been looking at the Garmin Edge 200 and 500, i want the HR and cadence from the 500 but its a little over the budget (unless anyone know any good deals on it).

HR, cadence and GPS would all be bonuses but not 100% necessary.

Can anyone recommended any good ones?


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  • Thanks for the in depth answer, as you guessed i will predominately be use HR for the foreseeable future.

    I have to admit i do love a good gadget but i also have a good scientific background to back up the data. I have used a standard Polar HR monitor for the past 4 years to monitor my exercise and now entering my 2nd year of triathlon and after upgrading to a road bike from an MTB i want to up my game and take a more scientific approach to my training.

    I do like to monitor my sessions, booth running and cycling, on the go but more as a pacing tool rather than a reassurance or speed check. At the moment I don't preplan my routes, I usually set of with a basic idea of where I'm heading and cycle till I either get bored or a puncture .

    My current software is a crude excel spreadsheet, more aimed at a record than analysis. I tried using TP for a while but found it more demanding than I'd like so switched back to using my phone app and spreadsheet. So any software recommendations are more than welcome.

    My current thoughts have turn towards a Garmin Forerunner 305 with Cadence adaptor.
  • I use polars software but a great all round tool is VidaOne Diet & Fitness which was an online download for abot £35 a year or so back. It is mainly an all round planning tool which includes diet options. What is good about it is it can take downloads from both Polar and Garmin products which is really good. I think there is a free trial download to let you have a look.
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  • VidaOne looks like good piece of kit but unfortunately its windows only I've got Mac so the search continues for me.

    Talked my girlfriend into getting me a Garmin 305 and adaptors for christmas though so shall be using the Garmin software
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