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No running for the next few months

I've been downgraded recently because of patella tendonopathy which I ignored for a good 6months plus thinking it was just a bit of knee pain and crack on through it. Unfortunately the nature of my job brought that to a crashing halt in September and I've been hobbling round since unable to do any running.
Ridiculously frustrating to say the least

I've been getting treatment which has basically revolved around 'make you worse to make you better' theory. They've definitely succeeded with part one at any rate.
Right, gripe over.

What I'd like is if any of you can suggest some good sessions to keep my fitness up and keep me from becoming a total running biff when I eventually get back to it.

On the plus side though, more time to get on the bike and start getting some miles into my legs; something I always intend to do but never quite manage


  • Swim
  • Yeah I've been getting the swimming in when I can, usually 3-4 sessions a week at the moment. Doing some kick drills with in one of these sessions to maintain some leg strength whilst trying not to stress the knees.

    Cycling's meant to help strengthen the tendons without being too load bearing (seeing as load carrying was what caused it that's always good) so I'm trying to get that in. I'm up and down the country a lot so only have generally have access to my bike and a pool when I'm home.

    What concerns me though is that although cycling and swimming will help keep me from turning into a fatty they don't replicate the stress and impact on the body that running does.

    As always straight to the point btw WIEF
  • Sorry - didn't mean to be abrupt - was posting whilst sat at a petrol station from the mobile .

    Have you tried an elliptical trainer ?

    I have a knee issue currently and a friend recommended me to jump on these. It is of course Dependant on if you are a gym member or not.

    I've not used one as yet but they are meant to be reasonable and I think would be fit for purpose for you.
  • No worries, I love the banter on here so I know not to take anything personally

    I've not yet, always saw it as a bit of a girly piece of kit in the past but I'll give it a go. It should fit the bill quite nicely cheers

    I'm also spending time getting to know the BOSU ball and plenty of eccentric loading exercises to try and promote some healing. No the most pleasant things in the world. The bosu ball is a cheeky bit of kit, looks so harmless but can be used for an array of tortuous things.

    When the physio's not prodding me I'm mostly doing those kind of routines. I'll work the eliptical into it and hopefully it should help.

    What issues are you having with your knee? I feel like I've had most of them

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