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Fink for Outlaw or IM 2012


I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who is planning to use the Iron Fit Fink plan to train for an IM distance next year (I am looking primarily at Outlaw but havent entered yet so may have to change if places sell out !)

also has anyone used it previously and has any tips?

The Swim sessions seem very long compared to the Bike and the Run - If I am currently doing longer times that suggested at the moment - should I scale back my efforts for the Base phase ot continue as I am ?

help please !! this is my first long distance of any type !


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  • Thank you very much for taking the time to post such a great and informative response.. I think I have the answer to a a lot of the questions you have posed for me and I think I can use the Fink plan to help me forge a plan for the year ahead.
  • I hope this is the case and have a great pre season and reap the rewards of your planning. Stepping back, taking time out and being self reflective and honest with myself is so important in my training.

    As a self coached individual I see myself as having three roles;

    The analysist: The part of me who plans out the program, reviews training sessions, measures progress.

    The motivator: The part of me who sets the emotional landscape and gets excited about things, the part which has to pick myself up when things do not go to plan.

    The executor: The physical me who goes out and endevours to deliver as best as he can the training sessions outlined and to provide honest and constructive feedback.

    Getting the right balance between these three areas is difficult. It is easy to build up expectations and place demands on yourself which are unrealistic. It is easy to let emotional things get in the way of training when they have no real relevance. It is also easy to ignore physical signs which are important. It is also easy to underestimate what we can achieve.

    Many individuals choose to hand over responsibility in some of these areas to a coach. For many of us that is not an option as such we turn to many of the excellent texts out there for structure and advice. Getting the balance right for long course triathlon to me often feels like the elusive holy grail, and that is part of the challenge of the distance and also the reason why I think it offers the greatest rewards in the sport.
  • I used Fink for Ironman Regensburg last year and it will get you a finishers medal, but maybe not on the podium. The structure works and the balance and steady volume increase is effective. There is possibly too much swimming and if, like me, you're not the quickest, completing all the sets accurately takes time. The programme lacks a bit of intensity, with most of the training at z2, but as i said at the outset, this will give you sufficient aerobic capacity to finish.
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