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Bike upgrade and Marital Advice!

Okay, the time has come to let the flies out of the wallet and upgrade the bike. My Giant Defy 4 starter bike has done me proud upto Half IM Distance with only a few mods and will now be retired to training bike. Having taken the advice that "Its the engine not the bike" I've spent alot of time improving the "engine" watching many others shoot past. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying out a lovely Bianchi, but more dangerously a Felt B12. I now realise that I can buy speed - BRILLIANT!!!!! And even more importantly look cool (which is normally difficult for me).

So its wallet out and wanting advice on a Tri bike upto £1500 (Sadly, cannot currently stretch for the B12 Happy to consider a base model (Quite like the look of the Felt S22 or the Giant Trinity?) plus a few upgrades or get the best bike for the cash. But it also has to look good!!!!

What should I buy?
What do I tell the wife (She thinks I'm spending £400)?


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Of course you can buy speed and happiness - this is triathlon and if it is expensive it is de facto faster and therefore esssential just like air, food and water.

    If a size 50 is for you Wiggle have the 2009 B12 at just under £1700 http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Felt_ ... 360038970/
    or can I tempt youwith a PX Stealth @ £1399
    http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/PBP ... sram-rival

    Re your second problem - research WAT! Seriously big dilema and as always conflicting tugs on the finances, but - if you are tri for the long haul then a good bike will last you years and give tremendous satisfaction and keep you fit so is £1500 too dear to maintain the health of a loving devoted husband?

    You will get a hefty WAT bill so prepare for that.

    There are of course 0% credit cards. Buy then pay off the balance in chunks over the 0% period e.g. 6 months = £250 or so a month just in time for a guilt free start to the 2011 tri season as it will be all paid up.
  • big4ndybig4ndy Posts: 24
    Someone is selling your dream bike on this forum.

    2009 52cm.

    Check the for sale section.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    There's been a thread recetly about the Focus tri bike Wiggle sell - can't recall the name but it's the alloy frame one usualy £1700, reduced to £1000. Is that reduction still valid?

    The general concensus was that it was an excellent bike if you can live without a carbon frame.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    The Culebro
    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/triathlon/10/ ... 360045310/

    Morg007 has just got one - with just a little encouragement from me - should be on commission
  • I got a new bike earlier this year and the wife received a new pair of shoes. Marital harmony was (just about) maintained.
  • Not really, they were crazy expensive shoes.
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