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New Iron distance event for 2012!

A new unique Iron Distance race (3.86km swim,180.25km bike and 42km run) for 2012 in Dartford, Kent, Midnight Wo/man.

Here is the twist - you are going to be racing through the night!

No overnight hotel bills and very little chance of overheating on the bike or run. Plus the bike course will be taking place on a closed dual carriageway, so no cars to worry about! Plus its flat and fast.

If you live within a 100 mile distance of the race, you could drive here on race day, register, rack, rest, race, finish, rest/recover and be home in time for Sunday lunch with the family.

Fantastic value for money at £160.
Race date-18/19 August 2012.
New website on the way- www.thebridgetriathlon.co.uk or look us up on Facebook.


  • For sure this is an interesting concept. On first look I am not too sure how I would feel about going around a bike course at night 18 times it could be psychologicaly very hard to do. The run I suspect would be a bit easier as dawn would be a factor for many. Just some initial thoughts.
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