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BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Have just looked at the list of this years 10 contenders and what do the likes of Alistair Brownlee and Chrissie Wellington have to do to get some recognition. It needs to be remebered that this list of 10 is drawn up by a pannel of sports editors from the national papers. These people are supposed to be professionals. Whilst I could not argue with a number of nominations can you please tell me what Darren Clarke and Luke Donald have done this year. Possibly played alongside these so called professional writters and sunk a guiness or two with them.

Whilst a stronger argument could be made for Dai Greene and Mo Farah they simply turned up for one championship and performed in one race, could be said even Chrissie has done more than that consistent and records.

Alastair Cooke and Andrew Strauss good start to the year and a good summer but the latest overseas trip is hardly a consistent performance.

Talking of the summer I must have missed something, did Andy Murray win Wimbledon?

The BBC then goes on and bemoans the fact there are no women on the list, think that says more about the state of newspaper sports editors than what is happening in the real world.

I am pretty anoyed about this as one of the vast majority of individuals who pay a licence fee to the BBC an organisation which is regulated they should do better than this pannel for what they put forward as one of the highlights of their broadcasting year. The Olympics are on their way and I can see that commercial interests such as BT have recognised the Brownlee brothers by using them in only one of three segments in their latest comercials about broadband. If comercial organisations can do their homework on what is happening in sport why can't the BBC.

It took Cav a few years to get recognised, in my eyes he is the absolute stand out individual on this list and it should be easier winning this than crossing the line first to claim his rainbow jersey, but then again the bias of the BBC will help to push some candidates further than others, how else can we get winners from minority sports such as three day eventing coming top, or has that something to do with the royal family, if that was the case maybee Mike Tindall should have been nominated for his drinking performance in New Zealand.

I do not expect the public at large to recognise world class triathletes from this country, but if Crissie were on the list some might argue as a token female, once the segways were filmed and her profile came out an awful lot of people, and this does not mean she deserves to win, would realise she was a worthy candidate for this title. I honestly believe if Brownlee or Wellington were on this list they would place at least top eight on the public vote above Luke Donald and Dai Greene on the night so what does that say about the list in the first place?


  • Like you Lancs I looked at Top10 expecting to see Chrissie there and was flabbergasted that she wasn't. It's not as if she's just fluked a win out of nowhere, she's consistently winning races; in fact, all of them since turning pro.
    I can't think of any athlete except maybe Usain Bolt who can claim such a record and still no recognition. Unfortunately, these professional sports columnists are only interested in the mainstream sports and do not look at the 'fringe' sports.
    I know it's almost a kick in the teeth but the fact that BT have shown a bit of recognition and put the Brownlees in an advert alongside the likes of Jessica Ennis is progress and that is something at least. The Olympics should provide a platform for the sport to grow in the public's eyes judging by the performances of our elite athletes this year.
    If nothing else that should provide a stronger argument for having a candidate in the Top10 next year. It's not what anyone wants to hear but I'm just trying to find the silver lining in this massive snub. I hope Cav wins it as he thoroughly deserves it.
  • Maybe the voting needs to be overhauled? Look at who the Manchester Evening News voted for... three overseas footballers (one who warms the bench and one who has retired) and Paul Scholes, who hung up his boots in May...


    Their list of ten
    James Anderson
    Dimitar Berbatov
    Darren Clarke
    Glen Chapple
    Rory McIlroy
    Keri-Anne Payne
    Paul Scholes
    Andrew Strauss
    Yaya Toure
    Patrick Vieira
  • Sport is a component of the cultural make up of our society. Progresive societies develop and adapt to changing circumstances. The media is also part of that cultural make up and reflects societies position.

    On days like today I seriously question does the UK deserve to have the Olympics next year, are we culturaly mature enough? At times on another forum I give stick to my fellow triathletes from across the pond on how sterile and insular mainstream sport is in the USA and how they have failed as a culture to recognise diversity in sport and culture from around the globe. To be honest today I am questioning my own nations values or should it be frustration simply directed at the dinosaurs who make up thye top of this country's media editors.

    The Olympics is a once in a lifetime opportunity for this country and a showcase for our younger generations. I have talked about my own son in previous posts and his frustrations of not being able to see his own olympic sport BMX. In fact I have not heard of one child who competed at the recent national championships who has been able to get a ticket for the event next summer. So much for the next generation.

    I think todays anouncements on the 10 nominated candidates for sports personality of the year, simply shows that olympic sports are not on the radar of the media, yet they will use the event to fill their pages for a month or so and lap up the free hospitality and free tickets for themselves come the time.

    If the Brownlees or Helen Jenkins do medal, I am sure they will be in with a chance next year. But such an inclusion will be only like giving a top 10 nomination to Rebecca Romeiro who won her medal in an event which effectivly has a competitive field of around a dozen or so. Interestingly she has droped out of her second sport track cycling when things are not going well for her, pattern developing? It will not be because they are world champions or have won consistently over a year or two, rather it will be a reflection on a medal in a one off event.

    This year there was talk of a national holiday in Australia to celebrate Cadel's achievement at the tour, now theres a nation which culturaly values sport and what it really means!
  • Don't forget that the award is sports "personality" of the year and not sporting achievement of the year. I'd be delighted to see Chrissie & both Brownlees in the top 10 but they're not as visable to either the national press or the voting public as most of the other contenders.
  • Treggers you make a good point here about visability. One of the handicaps for our top triathletes is that for much of the year they are anywhere but in the UK. This is also the case for Mo Farah who is based in the States as is his new coach which speaks volumes for British Atheletics at the moment. I have however seen a couple of documentry pieces on Mo this year following his training.

    I think someone such as Chrissie is an exceptional role model, she is a massive hero of mine, but importantly I suspect to many women which given her achievements this year to recieve only 3 votes is really disapointing. Chrissie works hard to be aproachable and has a global following. If I do have an issue it is what is British Triathlon doing to push our superstars into the limelight. Is this an area where a media/publicity officer could be far more proactive.

    Olympic and World Championship success will bring funding into the sport. It is important that some of that money is invested in the future, and that means raising the profile of triathlon as a sport in this country. Golf has again done well on this list without really having a national body in the same way as atheletics, cycling etc... Are we to gleem from these nominations that this sport is a bit better at self marketing to the likes of the media than triathlon is? I wonder how many journalists new to the sport of triathlon were present in London for the round of the world cup. If the answer is not many then was it a case of the right 'incentives' not being there. Sport is a competitive market like many others and the athletes are in many ways products. I personally find it hard to believe how you could construct a better product for mass cultural consumption that Chrissie Wellington or the Brownlee's which offer two for the price of one. I do not think the issue is with the product but as you highlight their visability and that is down to poor marketing.

    Next year Mark Cavendish or Alastair Brownlee will I hope be the new face on Kellogs cereal replacing Chris Hoy, I suspect only Tom Daley may beat them to it, and then again there is always Frosties given his age, only joking Tom! The point being external organisations know how to do these things. Given the more than good chance of medaling in the sport next year I wonder how far down the line British Triathlon has gone with marketing consultants in preperation of exploiting the efforts of the national team to the betterment of British triathlon in the long term, just a thought?
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Its a good point about visable sports.

    It does appear the triathletes are trying to come in to the press light from the darkness. Chrissie is running with us mortals and going on Cbeebies (if thats how its spelt). All so if you use facebook you will see Jodie swallow, Jodie stimpson the brownlee Bro's and other big names use it to speak to us. Twitter as well.
    I believe this sport will be seen soon and the por's seen for the true sprots people or personalities they are.

    It just takes time. Take rugby league for example. Its growing as a sport and even makes saturday BBC TV now.

    There is hope but we need to champion this with things like the get chrissie recognised by the press facebook page and by following and supporting with a voice.

    I will get off my soap box now as its a bit to high and I feel dizzy.
  • Blinkybaz you are right that we need to champion this, but so does British Triathlon. Accept there are a few dinosaurs out there but the BBC's processes mean that the route to compiling this shortlist has to be open and as such can be scrutinised. Thanks to 220 for providing links.

    My point is if you have responsibility and are paid to promote this sport then how much effort and money does it take to put out a promotional package to the sports editorial teams listed of these publications highlighting the achievements lets say of Chrissie Wellington this year.

    It has taken me about 2 minutes from scratch to find out that Peter Spencer is the sports editor of the Manchester Evening News, together with an e-mail and postal address. Just possibly if he had the information on hand he might have thought "I havn't selected a female thats a bit off, I didn't know about this Chrissie Wellington girl untill a couple of days ago, but hey thats some achievement at least if I drop her name in I can't be acused of being sexist." Personally I don't care what he and other editors think I do care that as a sport we try to promote ourselves.

    It may well be the case that British triathlon has been active in canvasing these individuals in trying to get triathletes onto the shortlist. If that is the case then my sincere appologies, simply try harder next year and take a different approach. If not why not?

    I have come back to triathlon after a break from the early eighties. We need to stop thinking this is some form of new minority sport and our time will come, it is not, triathlon is now an established sport. Our time is now and I suspect it will possibly be at its peak next summer, we all need to leverage that potential into something substantial, and if that means asking questions of the sports administrators on forums such as this so be it. Today shows the get Chrissie recognised effort has not worked as well as it might maybee it needs to be directed elsewhere.
  • I hope this doesnt upset people but hopefully my views are probably of the general public.
    I'm new to triathlons although I did comlpete in a few around 10 years ago until a few days ago I hadnt heard of Chrissie Wellington, Its only looking on this forum that I have heard of her.
    But to be honest I wouldnt of know what the other guys have done either I know what sports they compete in but couldnt tell you what they have accomplished.
    However I'm a huge cyclist and Believe Mark Cavendish should win it hands down as other people have said he's been consistent all season.
    Its all down to publicity, Triathlon just isnt getting the coverage. I'm sure once the results start adding up which I'm sure they will maybe it will start to get more popular and then the stars will get recognition.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Loving the campaign on facebook and twitter. BBC really need to take a long hard look at themselves for this and some of the drivel excuses coming out of the BBC is quite frankly appalling - DVB is correct the way they have gone about the selection process is nuts. Zoo and Nuts - FFS the intellectual capacity of those morons think that triathlon is a threesome with their wife and best mate.

    They need a reality check - this year has been amazing for sportswomen, from CW to Kerry Ann Payne so they managed to pull this list together which to me looks more a list to satisfy corporate bigwigs than the celebrate sporting achievement. As much as I like Andy Murrary - he's done feck all except win low ranking events....
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Latest news is that Simon Cowell(dunno who he is),will be taking over the SPOTY,and renaming it"Get me a personality,I am a sportsman".
    Utilising the old Superstars format,all nominated sportspersons will compete against each other at their relevant sports,gaining points for each discipline completed,10 points for a win etc.

    It can't get any worse............can it
  • Looks as though The Times may have been paying attention, the article by Stuart Barnes uses the men-only short list to discuss sexism in sport.

    It is however supported by a decent picture of Chrissie competing in this year's Challenge Roth, with her exploits being listed along with other female world champions and high achievers.
  • Anyone who is serious about sport should have Chrissie Wellington on the radar. If you were to compile a formula which had components in it such as world championship position, world ranking, average placing in events,average competitive field size, seasons best as percentage of world record at the start of the year, previous scores over past two seasons at a reduced percentage etc.... Chrissie would be thrown out of the other end by a computer in any top 10. You know it, I know it. This doe not mean she should win it rather the public has been given a balanced list from which to pick their favorite.

    In contrast Darren Clarke wins one of four majors and basically thats it for the whole year, yet he makes it through. This sort of system is in place in other sports such as tennis and guess what Andy Murray is consistently 4th best, more or less year after year but he makes the SPOTY list year after year otherwise whats the point of Sue Barker!

    If there was anything which as a male I found disapointing was many of the interviews of sportswomen drawn into the argument as it developed. Many of them whilst having general dismay at the lack of females on the list couldn't really say which women should be on it. For me if the name Chrissie Wellington had come out of their mouths time after time then there would have been a very strong argument that these so called male experts in the sports editorial departments had really missed the boat. I know sports people are insular Seb Coe could only name atheletic performances given his broad mandate I think this was disapointing that his brain fails to go beyond his own sport and possibly swimming and into other Olympic areas such as weight lifting, judo, sailing etc....

    I think Stuart Barnes and the Times are of course on the right lines, whether this sets a tone and the story runs into the sports pages of Sunday will remain to be seen. In this area I again question has British Triathlon sent information packs regarding Chrissie to these sports desks in the last couple of days with acurate details and links to photographs with image rights of her, along with copies of other articles about her achievements. I say this in that we should be supporting our stars and trying to raise their profile, or do we simply support the status quo by not attempting to influence opinion.

    In the meantime fingers crossed for Mark Cavendish who I suspect would be top of a computer formulated top 10. I think Cav has a good chance mainly because the two cricketers, two atheletics individuals and the three golfers will split votes from their own sports fan base.
  • Maybe the voting needs to be overhauled?...
    Why are Zoo & Nuts publications voting? Would/do they champion sportswomen?
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