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Graeme Obree

Just got an email from Bridgtown Cycles in Cannock -
Apparently they have a book signing with Graeme Obree on January 22nd (don't know what time though)
As I'm new to this cycling lark I don't know much about him (I know - I'm a heathen) - but from what little I do know from my clubmates, he seems pretty awesome ....
Anyway, thought I'd mention it for anyone that might be interested


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Graeme Obree is a legend. Pure and simple.

    He was light years ahead of the game and the UCI (now named) hated him for it. He twice trumped them and they couldn't stand it. I remember as a wee boy watching him at the worlds... fecking awesome. The papers would have you believe the full bike was built from that washing machine!!

    I rode his sportive this year, I know the route and its proper nails made all the worse by the terrible weather as we were climbing Dalquhairn hill - which is more like a mountain.

    Been tracking Obree's progress for sometime now and there are various forums that are saying he's back in training... rumour has it he's going for the world 1hr record.

    Also I think he's going down the boardman route except 100% british ie frame, the lot...

    Loving this - will be there at Btown - my LBS anyway.... except not so local!!
  • great film, forget the name,
    maybe "graeme obree story" [original ]
    turns up on the bbc now and then well worth a watch
    jonny lee miller plays obree
  • the film is called 'The Flying Scotsman'

    Truly an awesome film, not just for cycling fans but about depression and how it affects people.........watch it
  • If people are not aware Graeme recently did a brilliant interview for HardTalk which went out on the 10th of this month. It is still available on the BBC i-player if anyone wants to take a look.
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