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  • Interesting thread guy's!.......I'm eyeing up PX's stealth with the 82/101 wheelset, got another road bike with standard rims so thinking take both bikes to the tri and if it's really windy use the roadie?.....or should I stick to the tt bike becouse it's more aero and will slip through the strong winds more easily???.....what you think?
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    i've got the stealth with those wheels to, i'd say use the tt bike and change the wheels if its really windy, you might waste time and energy trying to keep the bike in a straight line and safe!!!!
    Also depends on the course, I can't use my deep wheels on a hily course cos i might break em lol quite heavy for standing on the pedals pulling myself up a hill, thats why I got the 52's
  • First 2hour ride out today on my Planet X 52mm carbon clinchers.

    Freezing conditions with an occasional head wind. All my observations are based on todays ride in todays conditions!

    Overall I'm very pleased I bought them and at times they made me grin!

    I usually ride Mavic Aksiums as my training wheels which are exactly the same weight as the PX's.

    The PX's were quick to accelerate on the flat or mild gradients. They also maintained speed very easily once at a set speed. They encourage you to pedal when the goings good. Once heading down hill on any gradient they build speed on there own or you can choose to pedal!

    On the flat today I was easily maintaining 2-3mph over my normal pace. My overall impression is that the wheels keep momentum and it felt like I wasn't having to put so much effort in at the steady pace.

    For example, one part of my ride is a long slight descent and after half a mile, theres a 'hump' that only lasts 20metres and gains 2/3metres height. The bike carried straight over it with minimum peddling effort and reduction in speed-a big grin moment.

    I'm not sure about the uphills. I rode a steep hill that I haven't ridden for a while and was struggling but this could be lack of form/fitness and its not fair to compare against the Aksiums until I've ridden the hill with them.

    I did 'feel' the wheels in cross winds a couple of times but nothing major. A wagon also caused a slight deviation as it passed (too close) but again only a few inches.

    For the price I strongly recommend them.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Interesting thread, ones like this always provoke wide ranging responses.

    Choice of wheelset is always limited by budget; link here compares budget set (Gigantex rim? PX I understand use the same moulds) with Zipps and conclude 95% of the performance for 42% of cost
    http://nyvelocity.com/content/gallery/e ... rks-rev-50

    If that 5% is critical then buy the Zipps. Incidentally I still see people with mega wheels and standard helmets on sprints, a £90 titfer will give same advantage as £600 set of wheels. Anyway this is rambling, sorry got a cat on my lap.

    My criteria:
    £500ish budget
    Racing and race training only
    Rider weight (including aerodynamic belly hump) 65-68Kg
    Course flat to undulating Sprint to Iron distance

    After a lot of research I went with PX R50 tubs £550 at the time and I love them, they are light 1296gm, and soak up the road nicely, don't freak me out in crosswinds, as LancsRider said just learnt to MTFU and get on with it, and on a simple spin test gave the front wheel a quarter turn spin whilst in the forks and they spun for I think 2 1/2 - 3mins. They were the answer to my question which £500ish set of wheels would be best for me? Despite my belly paranoia I am slightly built at 5' 7" and 65-68kg so flex is not so great an issue with me than for someone who is 75kg or heavier.

    Pleased to say the R50s come out OK given the budget limitations:
    http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/article/b ... els-31023/

    So rambling apart, budget limitations are budget limitations and a great review would compare not only like with like but also against some mega yardstick like Zipps and conclude that wheels A, B, and C perform like "this" against each other and compared with the holy of holies is "that". From that one can then determine which is the best bang for the buck.
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