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outer knee pain when running

hey guys, any advice on what could be causing this, & how to get rid of it? Is only affecting one leg / knee. Starts a couple mins into the run, and has happened on last 3 runs, today to the point of having to stop altogether
Am going to google it, but was hoping someone on here might have some ideas



  • mulemule Posts: 8
    is it just below the patella? if so it could be due ur si joint locking out.
    sit down and relax and look at your feet, if one foot points out (about 10 o'clock [left foot] about 2 o'clock[right]) and the other is vertical it might be due to your si joint locking out

    i had it and i saw an osteopath and he sorted me out in one trip
  • thanks for the advice mule - think my feet point the way they should! I also get quite bad shin splints, and need to change my trainers every 3 / 4 months, so worry sometimes that's it just the way I run? Anyway, have self diagnosed on google ( always an experience...) and it sounds like it's Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Why it's just started now I do not now, but I will crack on with the stretches recommended and see how I get on.......
  • It sounds like IT band friction syndrome. Its a injury that causes discomfort down the side of your knee. Its very common in runners. You have to do stabilisation exercises for your hip muscles (Glute medius and minimus). Also use a foam roller to stretch out your IT bands. It is also best just to see a physio if your not sure how to do these exercises. http://www.slimmerfitterstronger.com
  • Lie on your back and get someone to cup your knee cap (they need to apply downward pressure) - then tense your leg - if a jolt of pain results then you have an ITB issue.

    I just got over mine - it took 1.5-2 weeks of no running - a number of visits to the physio to loosen the muscles (basically the large one running from your ass to your knee). It might help to have it taped.

    Do exercises that stretch out that muscle - I can't recall the names but if you google it you will find suggestions.
  • BaldiloxBaldilox Posts: 11
    Be careful with this one. Although i agree with a few of the previous posts where it may be related to the Iliotibial band, remember that the ITB is a band of fascia and not muscle so reacts different to 'stretches'. You generally cant stretch the ITB, but your focus should be on the muscle closer to the hip called tensor fascia lata (TFL) which is where the ITB originates. Most 'ITB stretches' actually only stretch the TFL.

    If you are getting lateral knee pain you should get assessed professionally by either a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, or at least a Biomechanist who can take a look. You need somebody to look at muscle length of calf, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, soleus, and hamstrings. I think the culprit will be in the above list (most of the time it is tight quads and TFL) but if not a lumbar spine assessment needs to be carried out aswel as a gait analysis on the treadmill.

    To address some of the prev ideas, SIJ probably isnt the culprit as it doesnt fit with the symptoms.

    Hope this helps

    Huw (MSK Physio)
  • vietdanvietdan Posts: 1
    I've had this - it stopped me halfway through a recent marathon, I had to pull up and limp. Thought it was serious, but the doctor and an MRI show nothing's wrong. Doctor reckons it's an overuse injury and just needs rest. I've tried that, though it's still sore three months later.

    Now back training on it, but making sure I stretch and rest.
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