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Ironman uk

Hi thinking of having a crack at this, when did this sell out in 2011? So kinda want to gauge when I need to commit by.
Thanks greedy


  • I don't think it did sell out last year.
  • K thanks for that kidstardust, I heard it was April but saw a post on the ironmanuk Facebook site that it was expecting to seek out before Xmas.
  • The main slots did sell out I think or they closed entries in April, but there were charity slots available up to the day. I am not sure if this is a tactic to benefit charities which purchase a block of slots or not, maybee someone else can shed light into this.
  • Thanks for that Lancs i'll keep a close eye on it, im going enter end of Jan after ive finished my base training so i know if im ready or not, going well so far so fingers crossed it doesnt sell out.

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    im going enter end of Jan after ive finished my base training so i know if im ready or not, going well so far so fingers crossed it doesnt sell out.

    In my opinion even if you think you are not ready for it by end of Jan you will still have 25 weeks until race day which should be plenty of time to turn things around especially if you have already started base training.

    Good Luck.
  • Hi All,

    Just registered for UK IM 2012.... it will be my first full IM distance!

  • Cheers bathtub another 4 wks aint gonna make much difference
    Goodluck rbrown cya there
  • I wonder if the fact Ironman Corp are selling a package of all four British and Irish events an indication that the Ironman bubble has come to an end and is about to burst. I would have thought they would still be able to sell out the 70.3 events but are they having difficulty with the full distance races?

    I suspect there are only so many takers out there for a full distance race and once you have experienced a full Ironman unless you have serious aspirations of qualification for Kona does it not make more sense to save a lot of cash and go the distance in another event?

    I am of the opinion that it will not sell out this year. Even if events are selling out in the USA and on mainland Europe I suspect there are more appealing events both in terms of location and course profile for the international mercenary brigade looking for a Kona slot.

    If training is a little bit behind then there is always Ironman Wales which people will be a bit wary of given the course profile and importantly the weather conditions of last year.
  • Yeah think you could be right lancsrider, plus there seems to be more choice of ironman events year on year most of which are cheaper than ironman uk.

    Still going to give it a go, entrie going in end of jan not too concerned about it selling out now, just couple more weeks base to finish.
  • I was about to enter this race but changed my heart. It will be a fantastic day for those who have entered it.

    I agree with the comments of LancsRider that it probably won't sell out so don't worry about when to enter as such. The FB page has been saying since october that "only a few hundred places remain so hurry up", when in fact this number could represent 999 slots of the 1500 or so. I think the quick sell out of the Outlaw shows why IM won't sell out as people could be asking "Why pay double for a race that a) isn't as fast (not personally concerned with this, but many are) b) has a split transition c) finishes in Bolton (again not my opinion)".

    I personally would do an "IM" branded race for my first long distance, but it makes you a bit peeved when they charge through the roof for a race that actually isn't in high demand. The US IM races sell out in day in a lot of cases, so you can understand the hiked prices. If IM UK was even £300 I think they would sell out far faster. Same with the 70.3, which I did this year. My favourite race so far and well organised, but is it worth the extra £100 over fantastically organised and fun middle distance races like the vitruvian or the Cowman...?

    Best of luck for the training and as I said it will be a great day!
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