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Turbo trainer and buckled wheels?

I was my turbo trainer the other night and was wondering will all the too-ing and fro-ing make my lovely carbon wheels buckle?

I dont get out of the seat or anything, obviuosly, but there is still some lateral movement. should i get another set of wheels on there? any stories anyone?



  • You have not said what trainer it is.

    If the bike is fixed by clamping onto the quick release skewers then the rear hub is pretty much fixed and as such the rim. What the too-ing and fro-ing will do is put strain through the cranks, bottom bracket and ultimatly the frameset. If you have concerns this is where your focus should be.

    I have a bike dedicated to my bike trainer for most of the year besides checking and replacing a specialist turbo tyre my main job is to check the bottom bracket for play regularly and servicing it once in a while. Another area for concern if you use the turbo a lot is sweat which can be pretty corrosive. Be carefull about dripping onto areas such as the stem/headset where a bit of grease can help a lot in keeping out fluids which over time will attack the metal interfaces.

    Besides that I would be confident about using your bike in a trainer and the wheels should not be a problem if they are designed to take the sort of forces you are exerting. If the wheels do go out of true it will be because of spoke tension variations which would happen if they were out on the road.

    Try to keep the movement on the bike to a minimum, just because you are static there is no reason to get sloppy with body movement which would be dangerous out on the road, just because you are giving it full gas. Power is only usefull if it is directed in a straight line so be carefull to stabilise core areas remaining strong throughout when giving it full bore.
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