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Google Calendar of events?

As part of my ongoing effort to outsource all my higher functions to google, I was wondering if anyone new of any thorough google calendars of events? Since I have migrated all my diary online, I realised it would be really useful to have a google calendar for local events that, when I know I have a free day, I could switch on and look for any possible events to attend, rather than grooving round all the websites trying to find an event thats close on a particular day. I would be interested in getting, triathlons, fell races, other running races and cyclingMTB/road cyclosportives on it etc..

Wouldnt that be cool?

So does anyone know of any open calendars and have the addresses? or will I have to do my own data scraping and make one from scratch?




  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Did a Google search and found this http://www.trimapper.com/ is that what you mean?

    Having used Outlook for years for my email, calendar and contacts I was unable to do so with my new computer. I have my own domain for email and mail is bounced to a Gmail account that I download through POP so scratched my head and looked for an alternative to Outlook.

    Solution was to use Mozilla Firebird with the Lightning calendar and Gsync add ins I can now sync email, calendar and contacts with my phone (O2 Ignito) using my phone's Activsync anywhere and don't need a physical connection. It's pretty OK and works well for what I need. Trying to figure out how I can do a backup of it all in case I cock up somehow and wipe everything off.
  • So I got off my arse and did it.For those of you in the North west this is a calendar feed of all NW based events. Subscribe to it on an iphone, android, Google calendars whatever. It gives the date, name and location of the event. All scraped off the British triathlon website.

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