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I have signed up for the second time to IM 70.3uk 2012. I completed the course this year in 7.5 hours. My training was consistent but I didn't follow a plan/programme. I am now looking to considerably improve my time for next year and now know that a structured programme is the way forward. I have checked out a few free programmes on the internet but I want something a little more tailored to my individual needs. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced programme where it will be tailored to the individual person?


  • I think you have to keep a perspective about how far plans can take you here.

    In reality there are two basic ways to go. The first is to become a self coached athelete, buy a lot of books, follow technical forums, and over time build up a strong knowledge base and construct a training programme which is tailored specifically to your own strengths and limiters. This is the route I have chosen, but it does require a lot of focus and brutal honesty with yourself.

    The second option is to say I havn't got the time or inclination to aquire that knowledge for myself but I will seek out a coach who does have that knowledge base and who is someone i can work with over an extended period of time. This approach also requires you to be honest and open with your coach which is not something many people are happy to do.

    In many ways generic training plans can do neither of these two things, though they will of course claim to be the answer to all your problems. They also fail to really challenge you that much. They will tell you to run for 45 minutes at tempo pace, but will not tell you that your effort was badly paced, heart rate crept towards the end and was too high you were also loosing form a bit in your hips and core which made it a bit sloppy. Being self coached does make you think this way as I did about this morning's run, a coach will also see some of this from looking at data over time. What they are good for is providing some structure to get the average person to an average result give or take a bit based on potential, they might make you go out for 45 minutes on a cold wet day. They are never going to say take a day off you are going too hard, and importantly they are never going to say push on a bit you are progressing realy well and you need some stimulus to move onto the next level.

    You say you want to considerably improve your time from last years performance. Find a plan which fits into the time you have available and I suspect it will lead to some improvements possibly up to an hour or so by providing better structure. If considerably means wanting to really improve and exploring your atheletic potential and give this thing a big priority in your life over the next few months then take responsibility and either allocate time and resources for building a knowledge base to become self coached or seek out the expertise of a qualified coach.
  • Having searched the web for a programme i've decided to go with http://www.triathloncoaching.uk.com/ The value for money and feedback/information from the plan looks good.
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    I'd also check out:


    ...if you haven't already.

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