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cheap GPS watch please!

Cheap Gps watch required by my husband. HRM not required. Doesnt need to be in great condition as long as it works ok & you can download data onto Google maps etc for distance covered.
Scratches on screen ok! Battery needs to last around 6hrs +.


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Have you tried ebay?
  • Yes, Im looking on Ebay!
  • I have a Suunto T6 for sale

    It's in excellent condition, comes with bike pod, bike bracket, obviously the watch, CD rom for downloading everything and a USB to connect the watch to the PC.

    No scratches to screen. Will happily e mail pics to you if you wish

    Here it is and what it does http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/reviews/electronics/speed-and-distance-monitors-with-heart-rate/suunto-t6/1738.html

    Don't know if thats what your after ?

    £55 posted
  • Thanks for that(I just read your ad on the for sale page!)

    Im sorted with a watch. Went from looking for a cheap watch to getting a Garmin 610 (very cheap on Ebay, brand new...I was very lucky)

    However, I'm now thinking of birthday pres for my son who will be 12 in March. All I want really is to be able to upload run info and for it to show up on a map, the distance & speed. HR a bonus, but not important. Dont care about calories etc. Does this watch do this? Ive tried researching but I cant find that info....
  • Yep it certainly does - this is what the blurb says

    ( I've never done it though as I only have an i pad and not a PC - I've just used it as a watch !!)
    vertical speed,
    altitude alarm,
    asc/dsc alarm,
    logbook with waypoint recording,
    altitude difference,
    online cumulative ascent,
    alti/baro lock, to allow for weather based, or motion based barometric pressure changes

    Barometer ** (please read) with following functions: - © BHIP Ltd 2005
    sea level pressure,
    absolute pressure,
    weather trend graph,
    48-hour memory,
    weather alarm,
    alti/baro lock

    Heart rate monitor with following functions: - © BHIP Ltd 2005
    total duration of the exercise and the number of laps
    Heart Rate can be viewed as normal beats per minute (BPM) or as a % of maximum HR.
    total exercise (while stop watch or logbook has been running) average heart rate
    maximum, minimum and average heart rates for session
    maximum recordable HR 240, lowest recordable HR 30 beats per minute
    time spent above high HR limit
    time spent below lowest HR limit
    heart rate limits alarm, manually set.
    countdown timer - warm up and interval reminder. The Suunto T6 has a useful system to help ensure a senisble warm up followed by an unlimited repeat of time based intervals. An example of this would be: A ten minute countdown to the start. This could be followed by a 5 minute active warm up. After the warm up the T6 will alarm the user that the first interval has started. The user has 2 x interval timers/reminders. These will autorepeat. These can be used for interval timing eg. activity 10 mins, rest 2 mins, or similar.
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