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Hi to you all. I've taken the plunge to undertake my first triathlon in April 2012. If anyone could help me and provide me with an average time to complete 200m swim, 10k cycle and 2.5k run. I need some times to train towards, or if its easier times for a Sprint.


  • The short answer is no!

    I havn't a clue as to where your fitness is at present, but I do know you have the potential to improve from now up to race day. The important thing is to have fun along the way and on the day have a great race and then take it from there. It doesn't matter what other people do.

    I know there will always be people who are quicker than me, and there are those who are slower, there are reasons for this and they are all out of my control. What I can do is decide how much time I want to dedicate to trying to improve my own performance and then go about putting in the work.

    Be carefull not to set yourself up for a fall. My advice would be to do enough training to keep the enthusiasm for your first event burning brightly and then see how you go on the day. After the race make decisions on where you want to go from there and not before. You might see triathlon as a fun thing to do once a year with very little training, you may have ambitions to represent your country in a world championship, or something possibly in between. There is room for all approaches in the sport and as such don't judge yourself on the performances of others at this very early stage. Simply have fun and good luck!
  • Hi

    I completed my first triathlon in 2011, and I looked at the results from the previous years to give me some indication as to timings. Admittedly when I started training my times were somewhere around the bottom, but the only way is up!

    Happy new year!
  • If you look at previous results of an early season race be aware that it may be a very mixed field.

    Early in the season some very good individuals will be out for a short or sprint race to blow off the cobwebs. I went past the Skipton Tri last year and saw some of the first people out on the course having completed the phased swim on mountain bikes and shoppers in normal exercise gear obviously first timers having a good go! On the opposite side of the road I saw a couple of individuals in full race suits sat on carbon fibre time trial bikes cosint a few thousand quid warming up and doing a rece of the bike route.

    On paper their times will be very different and it is hard to know what the attitude/experience is of any individual. The important thing is we all have to start somewhere. Results sheets do show how quick the course might be but you need to be aware of who is in the race and early season events at short distances possibly have the most diverse set of performances of any event.
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